~JJ~ Bit Follower Version 1.0

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This wonderfully-crafted Tron-inspired item will keep you company and impress you and your fellow programs.

Ask your Bit a question in chat for a yes/no response. You can turn the chat features on or off and turn the sound on or off if you so choose.

Touch-menu options keep you in control. Chat commands add an easy option for controlling your new companion.

Auto-update makes sure you, the buyer, always have the most recent release version of this item - all for FREE!

100% mesh, this item requires the LL Viewer 3 or newer - or a compatible mesh-enabled viewer. Entire object has a land impact of 3 at default size.

Animated responses and authentic sound make this Bit stand out! Clever physics help make your companion behave in a responsive and satisfying way.

I hope you love the ~JJ~ Bit Follower as much as I enjoyed creating it!


Jeanette Doobie

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  • Follows you OR another avatar (or stays put)!
  • Answers chat questions (yes/no)!
  • Touch-menu driven or chat commands!
  • Auto-update Feature sends the buyer FREE updates!
  • Optional Spawner helps keep you in company!

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Fun Product

Publié le 20/4/2013 de WhispyOne 5 étoiles

Most of the people I come across are a little confused by it, which is a little sad...but fun! Cool product! :0)

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Publié le 2/8/2012 de Minila 5 étoiles

i love how it says yes or no at random. it makes a great convo starter and its like a bit pet. X3
though i wasnt thrilled that i had 3 bits following me at once right when i first attached the spawner. but after deleting them all i then got 1 all by itself! so everything is good now! :D

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