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This sci-fi inspired~JJ~ avatar skin enhancer will bring new life and complexity to your Omega-ready avatar/parts with detailed HD textures that have four times the resolution of the base system avatar.

Each texture zone features a 1024x1024 texture that applies to your Omega-ready avatar/parts. you *MUST* have an Omega-capable product to use this applier kit! It will *NOT* work on system avatars or any non-Omega systems.

This Overlay kit comes with 4 variations on the HUD that will apply the texture to the selected zone - and - the HUD offers choices of which layer to apply it to - tattoo, underwear or outerwear.

Perms for the base products are copy/no-mod/no-trans. Textures do not come with this kit - appliers use scripting to apply the textures to your Omega parts... like magic.

An info. card is included in the kit to help you get the most out of your purchase and explain how to flex your creative muscles with what you get - including having the ability to adjust your materials settings!

I hope you love your ~JJ~ Omega-compatible purchase as much as I adored creating it!


Jeanette Doobie

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  • Works with Omega-ready Mesh Avatars and Parts ONLY!
  • Not compatible with system avatars or other non-Omega systems!
  • Four variations included!
  • Applier options for upper and lower on all available Omega layers!
  • Applier item is copy, no-mod, no-trans. Info enclosed.

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STILL worth $L100

Publié le 16/11/2019 de NejraTu 4 étoiles

I didn't have the L$250 in my budget for the new option, but I did have L$100 for this option. I hesitated because of the reviews but then I just bit the bullet and bought it. I understand what the previous reviewers meant, but I don't fully agree. It doesn't just look drawn on, there is texture here. Albeit, not as much as the new one! With multiple darkness or lightness of the markings options, this is actually a pretty damn good buy for just $L99 so, if you're on the fence and you want something that will give your avatar the look without spending a lot, buy it. <3 Thank you.

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I wear it and get compliments all the time

Publié le 1/8/2017 de TheCommonBot 5 étoiles

I get compliments all the time on it. Thank you - I am enjoying using my own skin with it. :)

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