Jacuzzi 001

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Full Perm Jacuzzi, Hot tub - 100% mesh - Building Components

Land Impact - 12
Prims - 21
Texturing Surfaces - 24

Package Contains:
- Model
- Textures

UV, AO maps - not included

You can't:

- Give away or sell this object as full permissions.
- Distribute this product with both copy and transfer permissions.
- Distribute this product as part of a freebie.
- Distribute or use this product outside the virtual world Second Life.

This item is not to be sold, or given away, as is. You must include it as part of your buildings, or change the look in a noticeable manner.



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My remarks

Publié le 13/10/2018 de Molloch Dragovar 5 étoiles

The time wasted to build useless compartments inside the tub should have been spent on making round corners.
I only used the surface (top view) all the stainless prims removed. Only that one prim is worth something, this is a builder item, we do not expect animations or good water (wtf Zanzibar Beck ?) so 5 stars as there is no other than you but if you make round corners and remove the compartments, I will buy it again.

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Jacuzzi, Hot Tub 001

Publié le 22/7/2018 de Zanzibar Beck 1 étoile

Nice looking....but doesn't have any animations... no water movement or steam or bubbles.
I am not happy.

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Vendu par : PhilipRoman
Terrain requis

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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