Jinx : Aerilyn Bento Head for Petites - wear to unpack

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This is a bento head for petites (0.4 sized avatars).

There are 2 versions inside.

Version 1 fits the Petit Ruth bento body and is BOM only (see related-products for Petit Ruth Body).

Version 2 fits the Yabusaka petites and Fallen Gods petites. It is Omega Compatible but requires some editing on your part after obtaining the relevant Omega kits. All details and instructions are in the package. You can also make this version BOM if you wish. There are videos on the Jinx Youtube channel that show both how to make your head Omega ready and how to make your head BOM ready. (see bottom of page).

Includes HUD with skins for Version 2 and eyes for both versions.

Includes full body system skins for Version 1 and Omega Applier body skins for Version 2.

Includes system eyes for use with BOM.

Includes various alphas, shape, and resources. Includes instructions.

Does NOT include animation HUD - you can use some other facial animation HUDs with the head - I often use the animation HUD that came with my AK heads, some people use the Vista facial animation HUD.

Please be aware that when things become very small some of the shape sliders stop working and also tiny imperfections like neck lines are more difficult to deal with. That said I think you'll find this to be one of the best new petite-sized bento heads around.

Useful videos:

How to make your version 2 Aerilyn head Omega ready: https://youtu.be/WJMwwcjQPLg

How to make your version 2 Aerilyn head (and yabusaka body) BOM ready: https://youtu.be/i1nQeAHm8q4




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