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Sofa 12

Please note there are 3 versions of this sofa provided as follows:

Complete (with tassles & blankets) 17 LI
Blankets only 13 LI
No Blankets 8 LI

Can be sized down for smaller avatars resulting in lower LI counts.


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* - Release as a "FREEBIE" item.
* - Use is for Second Life Only

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Your purchase of any creative products that have been intended for personal, limited or extended commercial use is a “use license” only. You do not own the asset. JOOLEE TEE DEZIGNS retains all ownership and copyrights to the images/illustrations/animations/3dmodels or other materials purchased from JOOLEE TEE DEZIGNS.

© Copyright 2018 - Joolee Tee Dezigns



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very nice

Publié le 30/7/2020 de Spooky Mistwallow 5 étoiles

this is very nice mesh. Easy to texture. The only issues I had with it were that the size on rez is way too small. I have a relatively small avatar and this looked like child furniture when I rezed it. At a normal size the sofa is 21 LI (using the blanket version.)

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