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Allow me to start with thanking you for showing interest in our log in tip jars.

All our tip jars are made with the best sculpties, mesh, textures and scripts you can find.
This tip jar is ideal for clubs or other venues with multiple employees that can log in to the tip jar.

We have over 4 years experience in building all kinds of tip jars or tip boards for venue or personal use. We sold over 3000 tip jars already and they are used by some of the best venues, artists, DJ's, ....

This tip jar comes with all possible options you can think of, being:

- configured via a notecard

- pre-settable fast pay buttons

- tips can be split between the employee, the owner and one or more associates.

- floating text and thank you messages are fully customisable

- optional particle poof when paid.

- optionally give the tipper a gift when the jar is tipped.
Up to 16 gifts can be placed in the jar, in which case the gift will be chosen at random.

- Logged in employees can be logged out automatically when offline or out of a predetermined range

- Tip jar can be set to only allow group members or named employees to log in

Personal Tip Jars are also available on our Marketplace store and in world.

We also offer custom build tip jars in any shape you can imagine or adjust existing ones. You dream it, we build it.

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  • We currently have over 60 different tip jars in our range to suit all styles
  • Options easily configured by notecard inc fast pay, split tip, floating text etc
  • Tip jar can be set to group or named employees
  • Employees automatically logged out if offline or out of range
  • We also provide custom build tip jars and multi tip boards for people or venues

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great tip jar!

Publié le 16/2/2021 de Ceilidh Noel 5 étoiles

i bought this tip jar because of its functionality... and it works perfectly, just as described. i had to message the creator with a question and i got a response super fast! it's good to see there are still creators who stand by their work and respond to customers. great job, Keanu, thank you!

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Good product and great customer support...

Publié le 17/8/2013 de Bi77y 5 étoiles

I've never owned a tip jar before, and I was nervous about the permissions you need to allow. I contacted the creator and they took the time to explain why the permissions were necessary and made me feel safe about activating the jar. They also took time to help me with some of the configurations.

But most importantly the jar itself looks great. It really looks like a glass jar with money in it. I like how real it looks compared to most of the other SL tip jars with don't look like things that exist in reality.

Thanks Keanu Kharg!

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