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Big Retail/Multi-Use Building
Copy and Mod.
Trees can be unlinked and replaced for land impact saving.

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Love the build, but...

Publié le 2/5/2021 de Norsk Himmel 4 étoiles

I adore the build. Unusual with the outside / inside and 10 degree off kilter outer wall.

I was gifted this from a dear friend to stop me trying to get a "bright idea" out my possible list - she knows how I ponder (And yes, I complained to her about being dearer on MP - "I don't mind paying the lazy tax").

Inworld - uses CasperVend, which is one reason I was looking at - I won't touch anything if no CasperVend! (And has MP ANS so redelivery can be done inworld)

Very high LI (setting to convex hull sends you flying and makes the entrance unusable - and doesn't lower the LI). I knew that, and was interested regardless.

Now we come to the "but".

I don't know if BECAUSE set to "prim" and not convex hull, unless you tick "allow the camera to move without constraints through prims" in settings , you end up with the camera right behind your head. And can not change. (Unticked is the Firestorm default - I had never touched that option in over 13 years)

Without that option being ticked / enabled (Firestorm default) -

WITH that option ticked / enabled -

Overall, a gorgeous build, lovely textures, but something just isn't "right" with it


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