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Lapointe & Bastchild™ S'wear Mesh Jewelry Line! 100% Exclusive Mesh

☞Our mesh jewelry is NO TRANSFER. If you wish to give this to someone,
please use the Add To Cart As Gift option on the right hand of this page.

Our designs are 100% exclusive work by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus. No kits are used in our mesh products so you are assured of unique jewelry!

This choker features a triple leather cord style. The shortest cord is highlighted by a beautiful amber stone. The second cord features sodalite and agate stones, and a bone horn pendant, and celtic silver beads. The bottom cord features more celtic silver beads and a surfer/tribal hook pendant in antique bronze.

The necklace comes pre-fitted both for a female and male avatars for easier custom fit.


►Included :

• Mesh Choker fitted for female avatar (copy, no mod - deletable resizer).

• Mesh Choker fitted for male avatar (copy, no mod - deletable resizer).

• Backup set.

• Updater box.


Other mesh jewelry and accessories also available.




Our Mesh jewelry REQUIRES the use of a MESH VIEWER. You can find a list of viewers that are compatible by going to:


and choosing the current Linden Labs viewer version OR going to the "More Viewers" link at the bottom of the page to find a 3rd party viewer that is Mesh Enabled.

★ Features Resizeable, Non-Rigged Mesh ★:

L&B mesh jewelry is resizeable via our included HUD.

☎ In world assistance with fitting is also available if you need additional help - please contact Gil Warwillow or Isobel Belfire for an appointment.

**please note - this is Mesh Jewelry and while we provide resize capability, you may be required to do some alterations to your avatar shape for best fit. These designs were made with the average, proportioned, human female or male avatar in mind.**

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  • Non-Rigged Mesh - with resizer scripts
  • Deletable Scripts


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