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For Maitreya Body and other bodies with Omega Evolved


Creating multiple variations of the arms with this HUD is possible.

The use of this HUD is simple and intuitive.

Each main tattoo has its own combinations of tattoos on the arm, are on the same tab as the main tattoo

Each arm tattoo has been designed for the main tattoo.

The tattoos of the legs can be combined with any main tattoo.

There are 4 main tattoos with 4 variations on the arms, this is a total of 20 tattoos plus 6 leg tattoos to combine

The system has been tested on multiple avatars to ensure its proper functioning

With Maitreya's body it is not possible to have different tattoos on each arm. In Maitreya's body one arm is the mirror of the other arm

The package contains:

:-> Available in 50% and 75% Intensity Ink

:: Appliers HUD

:-> Maitreya Avatar Body
:-> OMEGA EVOLVED (For all bodies compatible with Omega)


Video Demo:


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Very impressed

Publié le 22/4/2019 de joanne1979 5 étoiles

I was looking at Modular Tattoo Hud (also by Letis) and contacted the store owner to find out if it would work on Female Avatars, sadly it is for male avatars avatars but she was very helpful and told me about the two Maitrix Huds for female Maitreya and Omega avatars and took the time to explain how they worked and sent a link to the video demo of it.

I bought it and am very impressed, the tattoo's look really nice (I have gone for the darker tattoo at 75% but there is a slightly lighter 50% option).

Firstly one you have unpack after you purchase there are two individual appliers, one for Omega and the one I used for Maitreya. The hud is very easy to use, you have each option for the upper body tattoo at the top, each comes with a choice of 4 sleeve tattoos. There is also a choice of six leg tattoos too again with the two options of how dark you wear the tattoo which look really.

The tattoo's really look very nice, as someone that as worn Letis tattoos on my avatar it is the great quality you expect from this store.Application of the tattoo's is as simple as choosing a tattoo, picking either 50% or 75%, deciding if you are applying it as a tattoo, underwear or clothing layer and that is it, so simple and easy.

Would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a really nice looking well made tattoo with a easy to use applier and a mix of different tattoos to pick from.

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Letis Tattoo
Letis Tattoo
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