Log Cabin Multi-Pet House by Vavoom! - Toys and Accessories for Virtual Kennel Club (VKC®) Pets

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-- OLD STOCK CLEARANCE L$50 - Will be retired permanently at the end of January 2021 --

With their smart scripting that detects and interacts intelligently with the pets and their custom made sculptmaps and textures, Vavoom! Dog/Pet Houses set the standard for VKC Dog Houses.

* Compatible with VKC Dogs, Cats, Bears and Rabbits

With just a couple of clicks, you can send your pet to bed and with a couple more you can wake him up again. You don't need to type anything or teach your pets marks or tricks. One click on the house gets you a list of pet names. When you choose a name, the house and the pet do the rest.

If you have several pets, they can all share this house. Click on the bed inside the house at the position you want the pet to go to. He will go right there and lie down. Click again in a different spot and choose another pet.

The pet house sets your pets to passive mode when they lie down which ensures that they stay put for as long as you want them to. When you wake them up again, they are set to active mode so that they can can run about and do as they wish.

The smart scripting doesn't stop there though. If you have several pets, you can tell the house to remember the positions that they are lying in. Next time you need to send them all to bed, you can choose "All Pets" from the menu and they'll all go and lie down in the house. You'll find that this option still works if you take the house to a different place on your sim or even if you take it to a different sim entirely.

The extensive menu options allow you to choose between three variations of colour, giving dark medium and light finishes for the house.

The menu system will also allow you to choose the pose that the dogs do when they get into the house. You can choose between:

* Rest – this is the default
* Bang (Right) – Lies down on his right side
* Bang (Left) – Lies down on his left side
* Sit
* Down
* Bellyup

The house comes with a full set of Instructions and descriptions of all the Menu Options.


Vavoom! Accessories for VKC Dogs are copiable, but if you do happen to lose one or more of them you can reclaim them from my store at Turing Isle using the Update Stations. Likewise from time to time when I update the toy or the code, you can get free updated versions of your Vavoom! Accessories.



Prims - copy/mod.
Scripts - copy only.


Prim Count: 8
Land Impact: 14


PLEASE BE AWARE that this is a product designed exclusively for Virtual Kennel Club (VKC) Pets - the scripting is not compatible with other animals.


For more examples of my products please visit my Main Store in SL or my web site.
Main Store: http://bit.ly/chiva
Web Site: http://http://www.chivavavoom.com/

Vavoom! is a member of the VKC Registered Accessory Creator Program.

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  • Intelligent scripted system, interacts with VKC Pets
  • Compatible with all VKC Dogs, Bears, Cats and Rabbits
  • Colour Changing
  • Free Updates
  • VKC Registered Accessory Creator


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Vendu par : Chiva Vavoom
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