LovelyBump Bento Pregnancy System - Triplets

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--- The LovelyBump BENTO Pregnancy System ---

It's the one you've been waiting for!

This system features a fitted mesh interactive belly, triplet fetuses, and a feature-packed HUD to help control it all!

Belly Features:

* Fits Maitreya Lara bodies ONLY.
* Omega Compatible - Use your own Omega skin, tattoo or clothing appliers!
* Interactive menu for others (with permissions dialog)
* Contains triplet fetuses.
* Realistically shaped.
* Seamless matching to your Maitreya Lara body.


HUD Features:

* You can set (and adjust) Gestation Period.
* Hide and Show on Belly AND Fetus, separate.
* Hear your baby's little heartbeat!
* Chat control - Lets you choose where tummy chat goes (to Local, IM, or Off)
* Force Water Break - Great for RP!
* Set Baby Name.
* Set Other Parent Name.
* Many built-in Mommy pregnancy/maternity animations.
* You choose which trimester shows - 1, 2 or 3.
* 10 Fetus Skintone Options, including Furry, Light tones, Dark tones and Demon.
* Food options - Healthy options only!
* Drink options - Also only the healthy stuff!
* Resettable - meaning you can reuse over and over!
* Watch your baby kick the belly! So precious!
* Minimizes when not in use.
** NEW! Now you can Clear the various layers! This includes: All, Top, Pants, Upper Tattoo and Lower Tattoo layers!


This system does not include any clothing, but surely there are maternity clothing brands out there which would fit over this belly nicely. Also you can HIDE the belly and fetuses in the event of any poke-thru.

The foods and drinks in this system are all original made mesh food and drink items. Nothing from this came from any full perm kits. Quality is assured!

The foods and drinks are given from the HUD, on demand, and you attach to your avatar. They animate your avatar and detach when finished. Got a craving? Grab a healthy snack or drink from your HUD!

The water break features a unique animation with particles, for realism. Either wait for your gestation timer to hit 0, or force it when you're ready, using the Break Water button on your HUD.

The fetuses in this system is created and textured with realism in mind. They actually gets larger per trimester!

The belly adds around 2000 to your Avatar Rendering Cost, and is efficiently scripted with avoiding lag in mind. The HUD is also efficiently scripted but feature-packed.

I've packed this into a handy folder. After purchase you simply wear from that Inventory folder, with no unpacking or rezzing needed. I have also included a Boxed system in your folder, as a backup, just in case you ever need it.

Please try the demo before purchasing the full version, and as always, if you have suggestions be sure to contact me in Second Life.

** Product Upgrade Info - 9-3-18 - We added in a nice Fetus Skin HUD with 12 new fetus skin options. This HUD is included with this package, and with it each fetus can have its own distinct skintone (for bellies with multiple fetuses).

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  • Bento Animations!
  • Fitted Mesh for a perfect fit every time!
  • Omega Compatible!
  • Tummy Talker Functions with Healthy Food and Drinks!
  • Fits Maitreya Lara Body ONLY

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LovelyBump Bento Pregnancy Systems
LovelyBump Bento Pregnancy Systems
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