Luskwood Crow Gryph Avatar - Male - Complete Furry Avatar

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Luskwood Crow Gryph Avatar

( Male )

The Luskwood Crow Gryph av is a Crow / Panther hybrid.

Note: THIS AVATAR USES MESH. You will need a mesh compatible viewer

Complete furry avatar featuring:

- Detailed Mesh head construction.
- Eyelid-openness settings with sculpted-style blink.
- Color Change Eyes (by HUD).
- Customizable hair feathers; texture or tintable (by HUD).
- Mouth open/close
- Twitching ears (switchable).
- Detailed articulated jaw with sculpt teeth, responds to both voice and text.
- Up and down tail positions with twitch motion and flexi details, tail fluff colorable by HUD.
- Sculpted feet/legs/tail,
- Extendable / retractable claws (by HUD)
- Switchable digitigrade / plantigrade legs (by HUD)
- Flexi wings
- Digitigrade legs with Alpha Layer for 2.x or Phoenix; Invisiprims optional for Viewer 1.23.
- Tail up/down/flexi with wag motion.
- Avatar HUD/GUI with 24-bit touchmap color picker.

(NOTE: The current HUD is a simple HUD, and will be upgraded, for free of course, with the next iteration of this avatar.)

And as always:

- Free upgrades when we create a new version in the future. Always.
- Free replacements if your avatar ever gets damaged or lost.

ABOUT LUSKWOOD: We are the originators of the furry avatar on SL, and have been creating in SecondLife(TM) for *over eight years*. Luskwood Creatures, our avatar line, is the longest-running Resident-operated company in all of SecondLife.

Experience and Trust: With over 37,000 individual customers, active customer service (Just contact us in world, or email us from our website), free upgrades and free replacements if your avatar ever gets damaged or lost, customer service is one of our strongest philosophies. We support our products, and we aren't an online company that you have to worry about disappearing tomorrow.

Luskwood Creatures - Original Creators of the Furry Avatar on SL since 2003.

©2011 Luskwood, LLC. - - - visit for more information.

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  • Detailed mesh construction - (Mesh viewer required)
  • Articulated jaw / beak, responds to typing or voice.
  • Digitigrade/plantigrade switchable legs with retractable claws.
  • Flexi feather wings. Multiple tail positions, with wag.
  • Recolorable (via hud) hair / tailfluff / eyes.


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