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Includes all 3 troughs shown in both scripted and unscripted version

The interactive objects can be a bit daunting, so here's some information.

~ Yes, you /can/ mod them, it is their contents which are no mod. Once rezzed, you can rename, resize, recolor, to your heart's content.

~ Your Strider Feeding Supplies will make a great visual component to your Teeglepet Animesh Strider pastures! (Please remember, this is aesthetic only, or for your personal roleplay. Your pets do NOT need to be fed and will NOT die even if they have no food.)

~ These are interactive objects designed to be interacted with by your Teeglepet animesh striders. Striders who are wandering near the object will sometimes choose to walk over to it and interact with it. You may also ask your pet to interact with an interactive object at any time. To manually have your pet interact with the item, click your pet, then choose partner, then click on the glowing item of choice, and finally choose posing from the menu, rather than actions. the animation options should then pop up.



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