MOCO EMPORIUM ~ Vintage Writing Desk/Office Set v1

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100% mesh vintage desk and office or study set.

This set is the ivory version.

Total Land Impact = 20

This is designed to match one of the coastal style homes at Moco Emporium and has been made with care, including great textures, animations and lots of details.

Easy to place as it comes with a quick rezzer and is composed of individual pieces giving you full choice over your office layout.

||| What's Incuded |||

~ Chair plus texture change options and multiple drink, chat and relax sits
~ Vintage desk with a texture change top (just touch the top of the desk, rugs and chair to 'clic thru' the texture options)
~ Wearable mug with frothy, steamy cappuccino/hot chocolate/tea/coffee/expresso delete as appropriate...copy/mod
~ Lamp with on/off switch
~ Two different piles of books plus one open book (for writing)
~ Picture Frames, these are copy/mod, so just select the texture at the front to add your own
~ Pencil holder which is also the dispenser for the mugs and pencils
~ Hat Boxes
~ Rugs copy/mod
~ Shelves copy/mod

Mainly copiable with some copy/mod

Available to buy in Ivory or Pewter, see the store listing for more details

See my blog for more info

||| Please leave a rating, which will also be a permanent record of your purchase! |||

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  • Only 20 LI
  • Desk Chair & Lamp
  • Drink Sit Chat Animations
  • Auto Rezzer
  • Texture Change & Copy Mod Texture Frames

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for a child avi

Publié le 31/8/2015 de LucyBabe808 1 étoile

its really short and cant be modified..

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Love the Textures

Publié le 24/12/2014 de Diamond Meness 3 étoiles

I love the desk and all the beautiful trinkets on top but the Desk itself is sooooooo small and short. When I sit in the chair my feet go through the floor and I'm a typical size avie. I would like the idea of being able to stretch it as I cant right now.

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