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------------------------------------------------------ MTG: Modern Tactical Gear ----------------------------------------------------------------

MTG is a SL based company, with the sole purpose of bringing to this metaverse the last in tactical gear used by the military forces around the world.

Our premise is that on each release you will own a detailed piece of equipment/gear with excelent texturing and build on par with the real life counterpart; as well as it being built with lag in mind, so most of our vests and gear won't exceed the 200 prims, not lacking any detail for most of them being sculpty prims detailed on each phase of their making.

---------------------------------------------------------- Tactical Ballistic Belt---------------------------------------------------------------------

Thank you for your interest in our product. This notecard contains information pertaining the MTG Tactical Ballistic Belt such as features and instructions for the correct operation of your item.

Background: Designes with strong and weather resistant materials, this belt is more than just a clothing accesory for contemporary soldiers; The belt allows extra magazines, pouches, medical supplies and other accesories to be carried with ease. It is normally used with soft antidefragmentation inserts to enhance protection or just to improve the comfort while wearing plate carrier vests.

- Completes the look with the plate carrier harness.
- Made with sculpties for maximum detail and reduce prim count.
- Faithful replica of it's real life counterpart.
- Script for dump pouch (folded unfolded)
- Medipouch, 2x1 M16 mag, 2x9mm mags.


1.- Features.
In the box of the product, we have added 3 different sizes of the vest (S,M,L), which most likely will fit most avatars; but keeping in mind the diversity of shapes, the perms are set as mod/copy/no trans perms, which will allow you to modify and backup your copies of the gear, with the modifications you may issue to it to fit your shape or customize it.

2.- Instructions.

a).- Unpack your product from the box by rezzing it on the ground, once it has appeared, click it to obtain the items in it. They should now be in your inventory.

b).- (we recommend the use of a pose stand for this part) Right click the desired vest size and select wear from the menu.

c).- The Belt, being a sculpty, will most likely have to load a bit for it to show, "spheres" will appear all over the place where the plate carrier should be, this is normal with sculpties; after a moment or so they will load correctly, finally showing the vest true form, ( the "sphere" phase will mostly happend on areas in which the bandwith is low or there is a lot of connection lag; Prims had the very same problem, with them not showing correctly in most of this areas as well).


Kamil Noel- Model and textures.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this or any other MTG product, please contact our support group ( which is free to join) simply type on your search tab: MTG customer group; or contact us directly by Instant message.

Other camouflage versions also available!

Click HERE to see all of MTG items!!!



Click "Search", choose "Groups" from tabs, type "MTG customers group" and join it. There is no cost in joining the group, you will be informed about any news and updates. Feel free to ask any question.

Visit our official Main Store to see newest products rezzed ingame!!!





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Very Nicely Done

Publié le 4/3/2013 de TukkOrdo 5 étoiles

I really love this built, it fits my avatar well and without having to change much. I am going to recommend this to everyone looking for such a item.

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