Mesh Plant Diefenbachia 2

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This room plant is especially made to hang it into a corner.

This is a highest quality product! It is not the common transparently textured flower-cross but consists of several separate leaves.

A nicely textured plant made of mesh. The plant and the pot do not have any transparency, so they do not have the infamous transparaency bug of SecondLifer, where foreground and background switch. You can place it without any trouble in front of windows, walls with transparency and other transparent object.

The pot with integrated shadow has a poly-rattan texture (synthetic weave) with a good soil in it. It can be changed by a menu into 10 differently colored textures (not just too light sensitive coloration).

Pot and plant together have only 2 prims!

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  • nicely textured plant for corner made of mesh
  • no transparency, so no problems with windows
  • separate mesh pot with nice texturse and a shadow beneath.
  • pot changeable into 23 colored textures by menu
  • modifiable, only 2 prims, pot removable


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Vendu par : Canis Canning
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