*Mesh Teepee*

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This version of the Native American Teepee has been meshed down to only 5 prims - It still has the open/close function so you can get some privacy behind closed "doors" and since it's modify you can resize it to your needs if you want it bigger.

The full prim version can be found too and it has a pattern changing script in it so you can choose from different patterns/tribal motives on the sides.

(This item has been made by Amiryu Hosoi and meshed by Laika Amat)



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good for price and looks good

Publié le 29/6/2020 de Deepdream Starspear 5 étoiles

Yes it's 8 prims not 5 but it's very attractive.
It was still copy/mod after I took it back into inventory.
It's a good size. I think its very good for the price. The full perm TP I have stored in my favourites waiting for a better times costs 900 lol

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Looks good, but...

Publié le 31/5/2017 de Rayschelle 4 étoiles

Well it looks good, but, I wish merchants would include land impact in the description when it differs from build prim count. I run VERY tight on prims with my place, and unfortunately the advertised '5 prims' is not land impact but the basic build I guess. Land impact at minimal size is 8. It probably wouldn't have changed my mind on the purchase in comparing this to others, but it is sketchy and I fear purposeful, vague advertising. Merchants, many of us out here, probably a majority of shoppers, don't have zillion prim full sims, and we find an accurate land impact in product descriptions more important than the build prim count.

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