Microwave [BlueTouch] dby [updated] Version 4

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Microwave Blue-Touch Eletroluxo [updated] v4 line

The Blue-Touch Microwave is a replica of a microwave with brushed steel finish, modern design that will match your new kitchen or your existing kitchen!

Microwave Features:

*HUD Styles: Black and Copper / Silver / White
* Includes steak to heat
* Working sound, turns keys on and off
* Click on steak for on / off menu and rotation
* door opens and closes *with sound
* Color has been changed to Stainless Steel to match other Sumsang appliances

* 1 type of food (plate with steak) <--- read (ok?)
* Decorative yet functional item

The blue-touch microwave was thought more like a Design item to make your kitchen look more real and perfect for you.

Enjoy and also know more appliances of the Blue-touch line and leave everything matching in your kitchen, stove / dishwasher / refrigerator / microwave that is part of the same design family.

Combine your new appliance with the kitchen counters made for the blue-touch line

Eletroluxo - design in SL by [ dby studio ]


I already bought the previous version, how do I get this update?

Contact Debora Stine and submit your purchase number (#Order) so you can receive your update free



  • Microwave
  • Blue-Touch line
  • brushed steel finish
  • mesh
  • Eletroluxo

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If no pose why the pic ?

Publié le 10/11/2022 de Jaqueline Skute 3 étoiles

If u added a pose to make the pic it would be nice to add it in the microwave, otherwise don't show a pic of something that u don't offer. Ok, it's in the description that it doesn't come with pose, but ... Why the pic then ? lol Just doesn't make sense to me if we can't have that pose, but just my opinion.

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Publié le 28/5/2022 de GattyRoxy 5 étoiles

A great product! It left my kitchen beautiful and very functional!

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