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Build better vehicles, in less time! Motion One PRO is the ultimate vehicle script generator, offering real-time control over all vehicle script parameters. Just attach the Hud and drop the included script in your new vehicle. Now you can adjust every aspect of your vehicle behaviour while driving and really feel it!

Load a memory slot or choose a preset for a quick start ( Airplane, Helicopter, Jet-ski, Car, Boat, Bike ) And after editing, just click on "Export" to generate a new vehicle script.

Vehicle parameters are grouped in 5 categories ( Motion, Turn, Traction, Balance, Gravity ) and controlled by 23 sliders displaying ultra-fast digit values. Click above or below a slider's thumb to adjust values step by step, or click-and-hold to increase continuously. Click on any digit to type a value. (When typing, the subtitle explains how the parameter affects the vehicle.)

The Control display in the middle configures the vehicle response to keyboard controls, allowing you to set individual speeds and rotations for each key ( Forward, Back, Turn, ... ). Additionally you can play around with extended options like Tilt, Flip, Lock, and override control keys with functions like Gears, Throttle and Mouselook steering.

Plenty of memory slots for that big vehicle collection: Approximately 40 memory slots available, offering enough storage for all your aircrafts, watercrafts, etc. Load, save, replace, delete and reset presets; and instantly transfer them between Huds, letting you for example, update your Hud to a new version and transfer all your memory slots at once.

Import code from other vehicle scripts: Import single or multiple parameters from existing scripts, just open a vehicle script and copy / paste values into a textbox ( Up to 256 characters ) or use your chat window for larger imports ( Up to 1024 characters ). The hud will detect wich sliders to adjust and set those values for you, leaving the unaffected sliders as they were.

The Hud will automatically configure sounds and animations found in your vehicle. Adding resources is optional, so the vehicle will only trigger sounds or animations found. For example, adding 2 animations called "left" and "right" only triggers animations when you turn. All the triggers found will be automatically included in the generated scripts.

The Hud will also detect other scripts in the vehicle and automatically send keyboard trigger messages ( Ex: Left key pressed, right key released, ... ) allowing you to create and edit additional scripts while driving. Useful for triggering particles, sounds, prim animations, etc. Take a look at the included example scripts to understand how to capture these triggers using link_message events.

• Accurate sliding faders, offering real-time control when creating vehicles.

• Full visual feedback, displaying ultra-fast digit values above each fader.

• Exports the parameters to real code for scripting your own vehicles.

• Import vehicle API code with parameters from other vehicle scripts.

• Manual value input on each fader, with helping tips for all values.

• Smart increase / decrease step by step function on each fader.

• Automatically finds and configures sounds and animations.

• Pre-loaded with custom presets. ( Car, Boat, Airplane, ... )

• Approximately 40 memory slots available for storage.

• Resizable Hud, adjustable hide (minimize) position.

• Free Updates! Automatically checks at startup.

PLEASE NOTE: This package includes one HUD, one vehicle SCRIPT and instructions. It does NOT include any vehicle! You will have to use your own unscripted vehicle, and drop the included script so it can be controlled by the HUD.



  • Accurate sliding faders, offering real-time control with unmatched precision.
  • Full visual feedback, displaying ultra-fast digit values above each fader.
  • Exports the parameters to real code for scripting your own vehicles.
  • Import vehicle API code with parameters from other vehicle scripts.
  • Approximately 40 memory slots available for storage.

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Was not sure at first.

Publié le 10/4/2018 de Ayumi Faith 5 étoiles

If you are like me and don't know for sure if this HUD is a good buy let me tell you it is. At first I was like its to good to be true. Will it is true. The creator was nice after I ask him if he had a demo (There is no demo) he told me he did not but he let me ask questions.

After 30mins in this HUD I got my SpeedBoat to do what I wanted it to do. Just to be clear I love Vehicle in SL old and new. This tool saved me days of work.

To me it worth its money for the time it saved me.

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Massive time and frustration-saver

Publié le 10/12/2017 de Qa Boa 5 étoiles

I can see this being used for a lot more than just vehicles, though that's what I initially got it for.

I have purchased and used many "kit" scripts, including the amazing ACS scripts - which are fine if you're trying to create a motorbike or a car, but a boat? Ummm, no.None of the other stuff works very well, either.

I'm not a professional script, though I do know enough to make them work and certainly enough how to 'hack' them, In the end, THIS HUD has saved me literally days of trial and error and research. On top of that, the resulting script it generates makes it much easier to LEARN how stuff works, and (of course) provide the basis for my masterpiece.

Absofeckinglutely worth the asking price.

And now that my boat is rocking along I have a lot of other ideas how to put this handy little tool to work.

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