Musical *Cowboy Plays Guitar* Transferable Poseball Version V1.0

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Our animations are smooth and cleanly looped, and we take care to provide you with the high quality you deserve to have, when animating your avatar, whether for your creations, roleplay, machinima, intimate moments or simply to add unique character to your home.

We do not specialize in static poses, but concentrate on achieving the best Animations we can make for you.
You are welcome to contact Sheena Kamala at any time for any further requests or requirements.

Before purchasing anything from us, we would love you to come and test the quality of thousands of animations instore.

Our Animations are also available in "Transfer only","Copy only", and in "Copy & Transfer" permissions for builders instore. Exclusive terms are available with custom orders. Please see my picks for details. Thank you.

Sheena Kamala
(Kamala Animations)

We are specialised in anim, anims, animation, animated, custom animator pose poses poseball poseballs motion avatar rigging & weightpainting, avatar deformations, and special skeletons.

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  • Full notecard setup!
  • All available facial expressions are built in, and can be set via notecard.
  • Editable "Sit" and hover text.
  • Show / Hide function with free choice of channel.
  • Low Lag Scripted.


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Kamala Animations
Kamala Animations
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Vendu par : Sheena Kamala
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