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MyDRONE (Amazin) NEW 2.0


* Give your opinion about the product, please contact us and ask for a discount of 50% for the Review! Take advantage of this is for a limited time!


● 2 HUD's for your choice
● Drone 100% Functional 2.0
● + Base for Landing (Auto)!
● Controls in Keyboard (new)!
● Power ON/OFF engines
(with sound)
● Function Alerts
(with sound)
● Function Delivery
(with sound)
● Function Stroll (3 poses menu)!
● Functional Battery
● Take and Rezz direct by HUD
● Choose Boxes (3 + custom)!
● Custom Boxes (your Logo)!
● Objects test for delivery (4)
● Deliver your own objects
(custom deliverys) + GUIDE

DELIVERY Function:
- you can put ANY object
inside the Drone and
make delivery

STROLL With Friends:
- You can take your
friends to stroll in
your Drone!
• • • include 3 poses

BASE for LANDING Function:
- Place the base on the floor,
regardless of where your
Drone is call him back to
the base Automatically

- New Control System
control more fluid
with curves easy
- Enable or Disable the

- You can use the Standard
boxes, or change the
Generic boxes
- Also you can Customize
your boxes with yours Logo
to match your store or
product to be delivered
- All textures are included full Perms

Good fun :)

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  • Drone Delivery
  • 100% functional
  • mesh
  • 2 HUDs

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Amazing! love my drone:)

Publié le 20/2/2020 de rosiesmith99 5 étoiles

I love this drone so much..Quality is outstanding,So many options.Fun toy..
i will use and use this again..recommend it to anyone..brilliant gadget.thanks so much what a awesome creator:)

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Drone very funny!!!

Publié le 14/2/2020 de Miyu Gant 5 étoiles

GOOD: manageable, good quality, good animation, modifiable, optional, reasonable price.

BAD: The only thing that can be considered bad (which is not) is that it crosses walls and floors when you fly in it, this can allow you to enter places that may be considered private and be disturbed by a troll.
It does not allow to accommodate pose in the Drone (or I did not notice how it is done yet) so hanging on the subject from below does not fit for me since my avatar is child, it just works to lie on it.

OBSERVATIONS: I have been using it for a long time analyzing its options and all its things, at the beginning it is somewhat complicated to understand and adapt to it, but once you discover its function it is entertaining, you can get on it and fly long distances and drive it.
One of the things to note is that when you are up you can go through walls and floors, this can be a great help and advantage for traffic jams and according to your proposals it can be good or bad, that depends on you.

The drone can throw things, this has its point of fun, since you can throw whatever you want to people from a distance or get on it and do it just to spend some joke and annoy your friends.

Speaking of the price, for its quality, options and the drone being editable and copyable, I think the price is very reasonable and good.

I thank those who have worked on this article, I recommend it to everyone who can afford it and they like electronics as much as I ... n_n

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