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The most comprehensive and complete Dressage System to ever exist on Second Life. The Teegle Dressage system is a custom scripted riding system designed to expand on what has already been done in SL and offer the rider something more elegant, streamlined and above all easy to use.

This system comes with lifetime updates. Even though we've been working on it for quite awhile, there are a lot of features in this system that have simply never been attempted before. And currently there are still a few more to come, yet!


- Complete repertoire of Dressage animations from Level 1 to Grand Prix. The most complete in SL.
- An easy to use, responsive HUD that puts everything you need to perform within easy reach.
- Several different camera modes that give both the rider and the horse the best possible view.
- Custom and realistic rider animations for every gait.
- Four states for the three gaits of dressage: Collected, Working, Medium and Extended.
- The ability to change the horse's center of gravity to perform movements such as turning on the forehand, Center (on the Haunches) or the pirouette in both walk and canter.
- A separate Piaffe and Passage mode with it's own speed and turning animations.
- Animated Tempe Changes, from 4 beats to 1.
- Complete set of Lateral Animations: Leg Yield, Shoulder In and Haunches in, otherwise known as the Halfpass.
- A built in animation preloader that runs in the background, reducing the time SL takes to load the system's animations.
- A built in timer that tracks what frame an animation is on, allowing for smooth and seamless lead and gait changes.
- The ability to change leads via gestures or HUD, eliminating the hassle of constantly keeping track.

This was a labor or love, and we look forward to hearing your experiences with it! Thank you for your interest and Happy Riding!

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