*NEW* Animated-Mesh Huntable Gor-DEER Version 4.00

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1) WATCH IT ! - Click "Watch it in action" right below the image up above (a short animated GIF)

2) WATCH IT ! - Click the "View Video" at bottom of this page (a longer MP4 video on YouTube).

3) WATCH all the different animals (Ani-Mesh Playlist) on YouTube:

- Any owner of our existing animal(s) can upgrade to the same new Ani-Mesh animal(s) at 50% off
- - - 225L per Peaceful animal(s), 425L per Huntable animal(s)
- - - Just I.M. (or NoteCard) to "Restless Swords" to arrange shipment of the totally new Ani-Mesh animal(s)
- - - If there is not a matching Ani-Mesh animal, then pick any other Ani-Mesh animal instead.
- and YES, all older animals will continue to be maintained (if you don't want to move to Ani-Mesh).

This is a *TOTALLY NEW* SecondLife "ANIMATED-Mesh" product !!
- It uses the new S.L. "Ani-Mesh" capability (*REQUIRING* one of the new "Ani-Mesh" enabled viewers).
- **NOTE** that the animals ship as physically MODIFY (and COPY), but...
- - - current SL Ani-Mesh ignores any in-world edited size change and always draws the Ani-Mesh object at its PREDEFINED SIZE !!

• animated free-roaming (non-huntable) Bear
• *ANIMATED-Mesh*: walks; sometimes sits and Lays; can run and jump
• you set its home (center) and its roaming range and speed
• NOTE: you can ride it (if owner sets to pet) and/or ride and steer it (if owner sets to vehicle)

Similar to its huntable version (see 'Related Items" below), this copyable animal will add atmosphere to your SIM lands, especially forest lands or medieval lands. It walks around (you specify its home and its roaming radius), sometimes stopping to graze or to look around. Because it is COPYable, you can have one or a whole herd.

The animals are "SITable" (if the owner enables "GROUP Friend") and are "STEERable" (if the owner enables "VEHICLE Steer").

This animal uses a good low-poly mesh and textures to be an attractive 3D implementation while its hand-selected LODs keep prims (Land Impact) as low as practical. Its one movement script and exploitation of new "Ani-Mesh" animation keeps lag to a minimum.

You can see various animals in-world at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Exotic%20Forest/185/185/2200

Please come and play with the wild animals, it saves us having to feed them.

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  • Animated free-roaming (non-huntable) Bears
  • Animated-Mesh: Walks, sometimes sits and lays, can run and jump
  • you set its home(center) and roam range and speed

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best roaming bear

Publié le 4/5/2020 de DayNovember 5 étoiles

very good menu, can set group pet on, speed and range of roaming and can hop on for ride. Customer service excellent.

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Animesh Roaming Bears

Publié le 23/7/2019 de dls Falconer 5 étoiles

I purchased the animesh roaming bears ... I love this bear .. you can ride it too. It sits and lays down and looks very realistic and it roams on my land in SL. I am from Alaska and so I wanted one of these bears on my land very much so.

The owner has been very helpful, he responds quickly and is very appreciative. You can't go wrong purchasing this item. I thank you very much, Restless Swords.

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