Beloved Jewelry : Radella Cuff Earrings (Texture Change) Choice of Silver, Platinum, Gold, 12 Gems, Amethyst, Ruby

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This is the TRANSFER Version...meaning you can gift it to anyone as a gift in world. A copy version is also available. (See related items below.)

Beloved Jewelry : Radella Cuff Earrings with Texture Change Metals and Gemstones. (Earrings Only For This Listing.)

* Metal Change (12 Choices)
* Gemstone Change (12 Choices) : Big Gemstone, Drop Gems, and Accent Stones Change Separately

12 Metals: Platinum (3 Types), Silver (2 Types), Pewter, Gold (5 Types), Copper, Old Silver, Old Gold, and Old Copper

12 Gemstones: Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Crystal, Black Diamond, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald (Updated Texture), Peridot, Pink Spinel (New Texture 12/2014), Ruby, Sapphire (Updated Texture)

Part of a four piece jewelry set. Purchase the set in world at a discount or on the MarketPlace.

This listing is for the Beloved Jewelry : Radella Cuff Earrings only. The Beloved Jewelry : Radella Arm Bands, the Beloved Jewelry : Radella Necklace, and the Beloved Jewelry : Radella Belly Hip Chain are sold separately. Some photos may show both or all pieces of jewelry.

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  • 12 Metal Textures - Platinum, Gold, Silver, more
  • 12 Stones Textures - Diamond, Amethyst, more
  • Transfer Version


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Beloved Jewelry
Beloved Jewelry
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