Rose Waitress NPC Version 2

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This is Genuine Animesh and you must have a viewer that supports this feature or you will not see any movement.

Watch the video to see her in action!

This NPC is scripted to interact with customers of cafes, restaurants, snack bars etc.

She works with the placemats to take orders, turns to prepare "food & drink", then turns back to serve it. This way you can put a place mat out for every chair in your place. (She turns in place. She won't walk to tables. SL Pathfinding isn't good enough for that yet.)

When idle she runs through 3 "waiting for an order" animations at random intervals.

Gives food free or charges Lindens! The Placemat will ask for debit perms so it can give refunds if someone pays while the waitress is busy. When she is "Busy" all the mats shut off and come back on when she is done.

You can set any price for the fee by saving it to a Note card. Leave it 0 to give food for free.

She accepts tips! Customizable messages for almost everything, including the "Thanks for the Tip!" message.

Controlled by a Note card driven system that allows you to easily create your own messages and menus.

Add your own food items easily.

**Update to V2 includes, Profit splitting (you set both the person and the %), the ability to use long names for new food items and Price/ Payment Locking.

Serves auto-attach and temp-attach food and drinks.
Some food vanishes when eaten from the plate. Some food rezzes temp-attach food to eat.

Just add your food to the inventory and write it in on the Notecard in place of something else.

The menu holds the maximum 12 items.

Very low script time and very high LOD.

She's currently about the same size as an average SL female and as a rigged mesh can not be stretched or shrunk.
But besides that, she is full modify!
You can re-texture her all you want.
You can remove / change her uniform.
You can even change her hair and eyes.

She includes the NaS-T NPC Alpha HUD with 21 alpha zones on her body. The waitress uniform texture is also included so you can change her name. There is a plain skin included and one with special alpha zones cut for the waitress uniform.

She comes in at 38 LI without the uniform & hair.
The included hair is 26 LI and
the Uniform is another 34 LI,
for a total of 98 LI "As Shipped".

She will also wear almost any rigged mesh clothing you attach to her. That would affect the LI of course.

Includes a Mesh Food Prep station and Snack Bar menu sign free!

Perfect for any food service application that need movement and interaction.

This is Full Copy and modify and includes free lifetime self-service re-delivery through the Marketplace..

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  • Suitable for use anywhere.
  • Fully moddable!
  • Perfect for any setting.
  • High quality textures
  • Ultra high LOD!.

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Publié le 6/9/2023 de Kysha Braveheart 1 étoile

I have purchased many items from this seller all of which i needed help with, after sending note card after note card and giving this person my hard earned lindens i an left with useless items as there is no help. Customer Support Sucks. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!

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Cool little doll

Publié le 4/3/2021 de Song Indigo 4 étoiles

I award this bot 4 and a half as I feel like it's nearly there. Rose is pretty and she's modifiable, which I love SL for. I wanted her as a chef's assistant as I have the chef from Drakaina, and together they are my kitchen staff in my private home. I also have another bot as general maid, (Dina) and though the land impact is high, it's worth it because sl just comes alive with animated pets and companions and staff. It comes with a handy alpha hud, and with the different options to change textures, hair, eyes, skin and clothing. You will need a little bit of build knowledge, but it's reasonably easy to figure out with persistance. The creators have shared a lot of tools to make this a fun way to learn about manipulating animesh and bots. It's fun to play with these dolls and put together a personality and animate them. The only drawback is that she has ugly feet. Can the creator put out a range of clothing soon? I dressed her in clothes that are rigged to a bigger avie...

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