Ocean Pearl II

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A truly exceptional designer villa. Absolutely open living with magnificent views to all sides. Two wing of the house made of glass with great views
Window/Door Tint System.
All sliding doors are controlled via a menu. Access, the direction of sliding doors etc. Doors can be set to open automatically
Light and light switch for every room . with advaced Light System for easy configuration

Additionally, some textures in this house are compatible with the new "Advanced Lighting Model" feature in Second Life viewers. This allows for the creation of more realistic texture surfaces that respond like materials to lighting!
To see this texture at its best potential you'll need a recent viewer and you will need to enable the "advanced lighting model" under your preferences.
This option is enabled automatically for avatars with their graphics set to "High" or "Ultra". Avatars who do not enable this will see the standard textures only.


Basics :

2 storey house
Open Living
Patio with plants, flowers and fountain
Roof terace with Flowers and Trees


Tint System
almost everything is mesh


House 603 Prim (mesh)

Footprint only 46 x 53


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  • Luxus Beach Villa
  • open living
  • Unfurnished

L$2 350

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BT - DeSiGn
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Vendu par : Balaban Tuqiri
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