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New high quality throne by PIXLIGHTS ™ FACTORY. Touch dragon head for flashing animated flames from his mouth (ON/OFF) HQ texttures and shapes. 10 sit animations. Texture changer for 6 HQ textures fabric on throne. Come to Pixlights mainstore and try it before buy.

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Excelent Throne!

Publié le 6/11/2014 de Beka Rain 5 étoiles

the design is simple PERFECT! maybe have the tipical sit animations but i can leave that away, is good priece for the work in the design. The colors are great!

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Great throne buuuut..

Publié le 12/5/2014 de Byron Robonaught 3 étoiles

First off this is a great piece of work and it looks good, having said that it falls short of being awesome. For such a great construct it has some really cheap and very bad seating animations, some of them even have you half into the throne....none of them are very regal or how one would sit on a throne. You can't adjust the seating position either.

Another thing I've found is that the "throne" is rather an over sized chair more than anything else (which isn't really an issue) and it would be nice to be able to resize it, which you can't do because the item is no mod. My avatar is max size for SL and the chair is still too big bordering on gigantic.

I hope the maker will consider doing an update with:
1. better quality seating animations and ability to adjust seating position.
2. ability to resize chair.
and while we're at it...
3. actual texture changes for the throne, not sure a color change.

Like I said great item but falls short of being an awesome one.

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