Plastic Signs/Sign Holders - Office and Retail Store Decor Version 1.1

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This multi-pack contains all available sizes (a L$396 value, only L$299 here!) of our high-definition, realistic recreation of plastic sign holders used every day in real-world stores and offices, to help you create quick, easy, elegant signs that also look as realistic as possible. Perfect for any store, office, or other venue, but they also work well as simple, easy picture frames and decor!

NOTE: If you prefer to purchase any of these signs individually for L$99 each, visit our in-world store using the "See it in Second Life" link below!

Included sizes in this pack:
A4: Portrait orientation, standard paper size, approximately 210x297 millimeters (8.27x11.69 inches).
A4L: Landscape orientation, standard paper size, approximately 297x210 millimeters (11.69x8.27 inches).
1:1: Square sign (1:1 aspect ratio) which will accept any pre-existing square texture without gaps, no template required for proper alignment (a template is still provided for convenience).
2:1: Rectangular sign (2:1 aspect ratio) which will accept any pre-existing texture with a 2:1 size (such as 512x256px) without gaps, no template required for proper alignment (a template is still provided for convenience).

Each design is 100% mesh, an original design by Natasha Petrichor, with a custom physics model and carefully-crafted LOD (level-of-detail) scaling: The paper face bearing your custom design is fully visible and undistorted from any distance, regardless of your visitors' graphics settings, ensuring that these signs aren't just a handy decoration for your desk, they're also a practical tool for promoting your products or providing valuable information to your guests! And even with this high-definition modeling, the land impact of each sign is only 1 LI! (Less when linked to other objects)

To assist with customization, blank template textures are included for each sign, with full permissions; simply download the template for the sign you're using, edit it, and re-upload. Additionally, all faces are tintable to any color, so if you want to create the illusion of color-tinted or illuminated acrylic, these signs are a perfect choice. And to make customization easier for users who are less experienced with SL's camera controls and building tools, we've also included a version of each sign with an easy-update script, which will apply your texture to the correct face by simply dropping it into the object. No matter what customization methods you prefer or how much experience you have with editing textures, Lupinia Studios has you covered.

Additional features include:
- Custom materials on all faces, with meticulous calibration for a realistic look.
- Tintable faces on all parts of each sign (exterior, sides, paper front, and paper back).
- Minimal scripting, and all scripts are optional and removable, to reduce script lag in heavily-built sims.
- Full-permission templates for main sign face.
- Two of the included signs, 1:1/Square and 2:1, use a standard aspect ratio, which will easily accept any pre-existing texture, if desired, without needing a template for proper alignment.
- Mod/Copy/No-Transfer permissions on all sign objects.


This multi-pack contains two versions of every available size for this sign. In addition to the standard unscripted version, there's also a version with our easy-update script pre-installed, which are marked with "Easy-Setup" in the object name. Full list:
Acrylic Sign Holder (1:1 Slanted)
Acrylic Sign Holder (1:1 Slanted, Easy-Setup)
Acrylic Sign Holder (2:1 Slanted)
Acrylic Sign Holder (2:1 Slanted, Easy-Setup)
Acrylic Sign Holder (A4 Slanted)
Acrylic Sign Holder (A4 Slanted, Easy-Setup)
Acrylic Sign Holder (A4L Slanted)
Acrylic Sign Holder (A4L Slanted, Easy-Setup)

All sign objects are 1 LI each, with Mod/Copy/No-Transfer permissions.

All included textures (Sign Template 1x1, 2x1, A4, and A4L) are full-permissions.

The easy-update script is open-source, and therefore full-permissions.

A customization guide is included as well, with detailed tips and tricks on how to modify your new signs.

For questions or support, or for customization inquiries, contact Natasha Petrichor. And be sure to visit our in-world store to see these for yourself, or if you prefer to purchase each sign individually!

Thanks for your purchase! Enjoy!

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  • High-definition models and textures, fully materials-enabled, only 1 LI each!
  • Tintable faces and full-permission template textures for easy customization
  • Easy-Setup scripted versions included, just drop a texture into the sign!
  • Four different sizes included: A4 Page (Portrait or Landscape), Square, and 2:1
  • Much more included, see full description for details!

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