TBF Cupcake Checkers

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1. TBF Cupcake Checkers game (LI=4) - Fully playable, animated checkers game featuring move validation and mandatory checker piece capture. The game has no artificial intelligence—it can only be played by two persons (or one person against themselves).

2. TBF Baroque Table (LI=1) - To put your checkers game on.

3. TBF Baroque Chair 1 & 2 (LI=2, each) - These chairs contain 6 sit and play poses, 3 female and 3 male. Click the chair to cycle though the poses. Use the arrow keys and the Page Up and Page Down keys to adjust the avatar's position on the chair. The changes made to the chair are automatically saved.

4. TBF Cupcake Checkers HUD - With this HUD, you can apply 5 different textures to each of the following components: (i) the chair frames, (ii) the chair seats, (iii) the table, and (iv) the tray/checker board.

Check out the video (link 'View Video »' below) for in-game sound, animations and particle effects.


This version of checkers is also know as 'American checkers', or 'English draughts'. It differs from 'international draughts' (a.k.a. 'Polish draughts') not only in board size (8 x 8 fields rather than 10 x 10); the game rules also differ significantly. In assuming that you are familiar with the game rules for international draughts, the differences between international draughts and American checkers are listed as follows:

1. The darker color (in this version, chocolate brown and blue) moves first.

2. When a cupcake ('the beast' or 'the beauty') reaches the opposite side of the board, a red rose appears on top.

3. Cupcakes without roses can move one step forward (diagonally), cupcakes with roses can move ONLY ONE STEP forward or backward (also diagonally).

4. Cupcakes without roses can capture multiple opponent cupcakes in one turn only in a forward direction, cupcakes with roses can capture them in both directions.

5. When a cupcake obtains a rose, the turn ends. The new cupcake must wait for another turn to capture the next opponent's.

For more information about the rules of checkers and the differences between the game variants, please visit the following websites:





Objects are Mod (but appear No Mod in yourinventory), the scrips and animations inside the objects ate No Mod. The Land Imact of the checkers game is 4. The Land Impact of the complete set is 9. Resizing mayincrease the Land Impact.

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Charming and well worth the price

Publié le 16/11/2019 de Issmir 5 étoiles

The only thing it doesn't have is an animation of you eating the cupcakes and shouting "OMNOMNOM" when you take a piece. Fantastic product.

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A treat!

Publié le 2/6/2018 de Kyrie Deka 5 étoiles


OK done with the sugar-talk, fair nuff.
But this is such fun!

I did go to inworld location per ad to "see this" but it wasn't rezzed.
Script nag was a turn off as I shopped all the adboards though - and took a good deal of zoomin and time to do that. So much there!

Though not rezzed I took a chance, and this is just *delight*ful! (OK one more sugar-joke, now I'm done).

Pick this up - tray alone is only 4 impact! I would also pick up other editions besides cupcakes in this too - other amusing visual themes!

Somewhat addicting, with or without sugary goodness :)

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