Prefab-ulicious Full Perm Mesh Lollipop & Sucker Creator Kit V1

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This set is an original mesh sucker set that can be resized to make various sucker treats and candy builds! You get the UV Map and 2 AO's to use to make your own creations. This set includes 2 versions: One with stick and sucker head as single mesh with lower LI to use in world. PLUS one version is has a linked head and sucker ( 1 prim ), able to be sized to jewelry sizes or attachable candies.

By making this purchase you agree to the TOS included with purchase.

By purchasing you agree to the following:

This package is sold as a pre-fab set. You may not resell it as a creation or full perm kit, but may use the items in your own builds and Second Life creations.

~You may only use this kit in Second Life.

~ Items created with this mesh need to be connected with a prim to list you as the creator. If you have issues with this, please contact Saucey Sinister and I would be glad to help!

~ Animations in this kit may only be used within these products and not sold as a stand alone animation/pose. They must be only copy or transfer, but not both.

~ Mesh in this kit may only be resold as copy, mod/copy, transer, or mod/trans. Never full perms!

~You may use the AO and UV textures to create your own original art! The pre-made, final textures made by me are meant to serve as a guide in creating your own textures by viewing mine as a guide. Changing the color of the texture does not follow the original texture rule. You must create your own original textures.

~You may use this product in a hunt as a gift, but must be created with original textures created completely by you or an associate. If you organize hunts you can contact me for a special version of this item, specially textured for your event with your purchase price subtracted from your total custom texture price OR you can use it with your original textures, but your final product must not include transfer permissions and can only be mod/copy when transferring to your hunt merchant participants. Please do not use my textured item as is in this package.

~You may use this product as a group gift for your store or establishment, but must have originally created textures on your final product and not for more than a single calendar month in a 12 month period.

~You may use this product as a non-profit gift when entertaining your guests at a party, with the original textures, but you may not sell them and only transfer them with copy permissions, never transfer and never mod/copy. The items must be for a limited time, for example through the duration of a day for a personal, non commercial celebration like a wedding, birthday party, or themed ice cream party. Please do not distribute the item as a regular freebie, available at all times for non commercial events. This item may not be given away at commercial events without original textures, following the same permission/party rules as described in this paragraph.

~You may only resell this item for the equivalent of 50L per item minimum. ( If your product contains two candies the min price would be 100L, for three in one package the minimum price must be no lower than 150L. ) All sold products must be created with your own original textures.

~You may not give away or share any components of this package with other avatars, including alt avatars, but may share the AO & UV textures with an associate for texturing purposes of your original design only. Do NOT distribute them to customers.

~This package can not be resold or marketed as a full perm or creator's kit, nor include any of the textures in this package as textures alone. Your final product must be an originally textured product.



  • Includes 2 AO's , & UV Map!
  • Does NOT Include finished textures!
  • See extended description for TOS agreement before purchasing!

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