Professional Camera Kit

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This is the most extensive camera build Catboy has ever made.

Comes with a highly detailed professional camera. The lenses change to three different lenses. Normal. Wide Angle. And Telephoto Lens. The flash works and is removable. The animation adjusts to accommodate avatars of three different sizes, small, medium, and large. The entire camera is controlled through a HUD that resembles a professional camera remote.

You can put pictures and textures into the camera and view them on the camera screen.

You can wear the camera on a strap around your neck with the flash attached or detached or with any of the three lenses on that you wish

The camera has a low-prim duplicate that does everything the high-prim camera does. There’s also a low-prim floor model that is fully functional and is controlled with the HUD same as the high detailed model that is worn attached. The low-prim floor model only has 31 prims.

The camera kit comes with a heap of accessories, such as a photography belt that has a removable cover that reveals extra memory cards, it carries extra batteries, a camera remote, a digital light meter, a flash, lens filter case, a pen, a range finder, and extra pouches.

Other accessories include a scripted digital light meter, a scripted range finder (with its own HUD), a scripted camera remote, a camera case, and a one-prim sculpted camera tripod you can use to decorate your studio.


WARNING. When putting pictures into the camera and removing them later, be careful not to delete the script or animations in the camera that makes it work. Also be careful not to resize or rescale the camera.



  • Camera
  • HUD
  • Lenses
  • Photography Belt
  • Low prim floor model

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Publié le 8/11/2018 de GrasielaQerimi 2 étoiles

all the items are there except for the HUD ..and without it everything is useless :/ please fix this

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great and fun)

Publié le 20/3/2016 de IlyaDoom 5 étoiles

I am a photographer in RL, buy this to see if it's good... this is very fun in SL and great items, I love it)) thank you)

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