PsiNanna, Inc. HoloVert Customizable Billboard (BOX)

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See it on Sketchfab in full 3d (higher resolution textures): !

Today, PsiNanna, Inc. reveals the latest generation of holographic urban displays for advertising and public broadcast. The HoloVert system is a significant improvement over our previous generation hardware and can now provide a crystal clear, grain-free image with only minor power fluctuations!

The HoloVert is a 100% customizable holobillboard which will animate any texture you put into it with a glitch effect similar to scanline screen tearing. The emitter can be set to any color in the SL build menu and can also be adjusted between 10 presets using the control menu. The control menu also allows you to set the transparency of your hologram as well as the interval, in seconds, between each glitch effect. It weighs in at only 3 Land Impact at the provided scale!

To adjust the texture, simply delete the PsinannaBaseAd from the inventory and drop in any texture you like. The screen is sized to a rectangular aspect ratio, but is fully modify and can be easily stretched for square images!

We hope you enjoy this new improved version of our customizable hologram billboard!

-Skye Flaks, PsiNanna, Inc. CEO



  • Takes any texture regardless of shape or alpha!
  • Full feature menu for customizing effects and colors!
  • Recolorable to any color via SL build menu!
  • 3 LI!
  • Only caused optical cancer in 20% of viewers!

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Used this for a while

Publié le 3/11/2020 de Becky Nosferatu 5 étoiles

I really love this. It works for multiple things, and with a texture changer in the main part, I can have it show several ads!

My only complaint is the light intensity can't be changed... so if you're like me and use this for posters too in buildings, you're stuck with it being stupidly bright unless you just don't have it scripted.

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Publié le 17/1/2020 de animagica 5 étoiles

Easy to use♥

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