RAE Adams Porch (HIGH LOD) 39 LI Version 2.2

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UPDATE v2.2 - Nov 8, 2019
UPDATE v2.1 - Oct 26, 2019

This porch wraps around the Adams build on three sides and includes beveled rails as well as a covered entertainment area at the back, or an optional pergola (added in v2.2).


v2.2 Includes a pergola add-on.

v2.1 Now includes three options;

The original v1 porch complete (HIGH LOD)
The porch with back area separated (LOW LOD)
The porch with back area separated (HIGH LOD)

As an added bonus v2.1 also includes an optional wall and door insert (as requested) that will allow you to create rooms where you want them without the need to buy full interior add-ons.



v1 (HIGH LOD) porch = 39 Land Impact
v2 (HIGH LOD) porch = 35 Land Impact
v2.1 (HIGH LOD) add on = 5 Land Impact
v2.1 (LOW LOD) porch = 20 Land Impact
v2.1 (LOW LOD) add on = 2 Land Impact
v2.2 (LOW LOD) pergola add on = 2 Land Impact
RAE - Bellisseria LH Wall door w.glass insert = 2 LI
RAE - Bellisseria LH Door glass insert = 1 LI

The reason the v1 LI is so high is because it was built with a HIGH LOD (level of detail). That means that even on the lowest graphics settings the porch won't crumble or appear to have jagged edges when seen from a distance. Built and tested on LOD of 1.

No unpacking or HUD needed. Just rez and edit into place.

All pics taken in world with no filters, just using windlight and shadows enabled.



▶ IT WILL NOT FIT OTHER HOME STYLES! This was designed for use in the Bellisseria Adams House ONLY and refunds will not be given if you choose incorrectly.

▶To "nudge" objects; right-click to open edit window. Select Object tab. Under Position click inside numbered box beside X, Y, or Z. Hold down SHIFT and press the UP or DOWN keys on your keyboard, or use the arrows beside them.

▶ Should you have a problem with it or are otherwise unhappy with your purchase, please contact me via note card and I will do my very best to try and help you as soon as I possibly can.

▶ Updates will be sent out automatically to those who have purchased previous versions. If you don't receive yours please let me know. Thank you. :)


Lastly, thanks again for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy your new porch!

- Rae :)



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So Perfect !!

Publié le 29/12/2019 de Sparkly Rainbow 5 étoiles

This is a great addition to the Adams home. It fits perfectly and has a few different options included. It looks great and gives you a lot of outdoor living space.

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Publié le 8/11/2019 de Marianne Little 5 étoiles

The update with a pergola as an alternative to the closed roof in the backyard makes this even more versatile. I found that the low LI version of this is more than good enough. It is very good to include so many options.

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