Really Useful Blackboard Pro III [Mesh] with writing chalk Version 3.4

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Introducing an all new Really Useful Blackboard Pro III with high quality mesh design, more characters, less LI, faster writing speed and multiple font colours.

At 30 characters per LI, this is one of the, if not the most, LI-efficient writable board on SL Marketplace!


▪ Write up to 576 characters (48 characters per row x 12 rows), with total land impact of just 19-20 including the duster and display chalk.

▪ Set font colour for all / individual rows on the board.

▪ Set active chalk colour for text writer (full <R,G,B> support).

▪ Set access control - owner, group, anyone.

▪ Free-text writer - just speak in chat and text will appear. Blackboard Pro recognises many commands for manipulating the writer:
- write on current line
- insert blank line
- move to next line
- write from top of board and erase to end of line
- write from top of board and erase to end of board
- erase entire board

▪ Shorthand commands for proficient users eg. "/me writes <text>" has a shorthand which is "/9 <text>"
(For details, refer to instructions card in product box).

▪ Option to use public chat channel or private channel for owner and group. Private channel is changeable so 2 boards can be used in the same room without cross-talk.

▪ Switch board background textures by touch. 6 textures included, such as
- 'Life' (completely filled with multi-colour chalk scribbles)
- 'Einstein' (mathematical equations)
- 'Formulae' (college lecture blurred chalk writing)
You can also add your own custom texture (this requires you to have full perms to the texture).

▪ Switch board frame textures by touch. Tailor the board appearance to match the interior of your school, home, office or club: Classic Black, Classic Green, Dark, Light.

- Mesh board is yes modify, yes copy, no transfer.
- Script is no modify, yes copy, no transfer.
- Wearable chalk (with writing animation) is no modify, no copy, yes transfer.

Transfer permission available at lower price (without the wearable writing chalk).

- Mesh design and build by Rhodan Rhys of Rhodan Builds
- Scripting by Grace7 Ling

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  • writable mesh board with 576 characters @19-20 land impact (low LI)
  • set font colour of all / individual rows
  • free chalk with writing animation
  • 6 background textures included
  • access control - owner only, group, or anyone

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Love it

Publié le 4/2/2013 de MissManderley 5 étoiles


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Nice board

Publié le 21/8/2012 de Azzura Supplee 5 étoiles

One of the lowest prim text boards out there - and more characters then most. Only wish I have, is that I could make the green board black and keep it that way :)

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