Rochambeau Terrain Textures 2.0 (1024 and 512)

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Please read and understand permissions for these textures BEFORE purchasing. They are primarily meant to be used on terrain. I also offer a full-perm set for builders


-Second life now allows for 1024x1024 sized textures for Terrain. This means that the detail can be twice as much as the previous 512x512. However, I have found not all viewers allow for them to be uploaded to the terrain yet, so try using a different viewer to upload them if you are having trouble, or use the 512x512 textures if you must. You will notice the change in quality almost instantly at near photo quality.

-This pack of textures was mostly put together from photos I took up north from where I live. They are all seamless and very high quality that should help add a lot of depth to your sim.

-For the textures to look their best though, do not stretch the terrain too much or they will appear blurry. A fair amount of smooth hills will produce the best overall appearance. Also, not all the textures will blend well together if there are very dark ones used next to a very light one.

-Buyers may use these textures on their own sims and in their builds, but may not distribute them freely or sell them.



  • 1024x1024 size for Double the Terrain Detail

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Well the textures are lovely....

Publié le 23/8/2011 de Angeleve Darkfold 2 étoiles

The textures are lovely, but why would you sell them as not full-perm? People don't buy them to just look at the pretty pictures. I would love to be able to actually USE these for my ground at home. But apparently I cannot. And I bet I can't get my money back, either. Grrrrr.

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Leviathan is an artist

Publié le 20/5/2011 de Revlon Benoir 5 étoiles

I originally wrote a negative review but have deleted it and now after a long chat with Leviathan, I am upgrading it to a 5.. his work as i said earlier is nicely done and if you take the time to talk with him he will take care of all your needs. Contact him and you will not be disappointed


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