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This product in an expansion to the ZimberLab Block Building System.
It allows to construct Roof with Attic Room levels.

The set follows the general Block Building System logic and workflow.
(see Mesh House Building System - ZimberLab Blocks Basic)

The Roof, Gutter, and Crown sections are standalone and can be used independently.
However construction is bounded by the system's specifications (eg. building blocks are per 4m).

The Attic Room section is NOT standalone. The Blocks Basic kit is required to be able to build complete Attic levels.
Attic level construction also demands decent knowledge of the Block Building System.

The product contains both a Rezzer Plugin to be linked to the Basic Blocks Rezzer, as a standalone Rezzer.


Parts in this set :

• 2 different Roof styles - Straight parts, Inward and Outward Corners, 5 Dormer types
• 2 different Gutter styles - Straight parts, Inward and Outward Corners, End parts
• 2 different Crown styles - Straight parts, Inward and Outward Corners, End parts
(Gutter and Crown styles fit on both the Roof styles)

• 255 Attic Rooms - 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2 Blocks
• 18 Open Version Attic Extensions - 2, 3, and 4 Blocks (to be used with the Advanced set)

Land Impact from 0.5 up to 3.5 for the more elaborate (dormer) parts.


Maps included with this set :

• Gutters & Crown : AO and SPEC, applied by default
• Dormer units : AO and SPEC, applied by default
• Roof Field Faces : AO maps, not applied. Suitable can be selected from a Texture Giver.
• UV maps

Texturing limitation :
It is recommended to use a generic texture or plain color for the Roof top faces, as matching the UVs might be difficult.


Rezzers Land Impact :

• Rezzer Plugin = 12
• Rezzer Plugin version without Texture Giver = 5
• Standalone Rezzer = 15

Rezzers are copy only, all content comes with full permissions.


General Info:
- This product is packed in a Provider which has buttons for each different section. Touch a button to get a folder with the content. A button's content can also be accessed by 'Edit Linked' and dragging it into the inventory.
- All our products are designed for regular texture mapping. Planar mapping may not render correctly on certain parts (BUG-4066).

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This item is intended to be a component for use in your own creations.
In no way this item may be redistributed with full permissions.
Please read and respect our terms of use below.


By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms :

You are allowed to:

- Modify and use this product as a part of your own creations and sell them with no copy OR no transfer permissions.

You are not allowed to:

- Distribute this product with both copy and transfer permissions.
- Distribute this product as part of a freebie or any price below L$ 10.
- Distribute this product as it is.
- Distribute or advertise this product using our name, logo, packaging or packaging textures.
- Distribute or use this product outside the virtual world Second Life with exception of the Second Life Marketplace.

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'Distribute' is defined as any form of transfer or publishing, be it by print, copy, distribution, disclosure, selling or sharing.

© Copyright 2019, Doctor Zimberman, ZimberLab. All rights reserved.


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Publié le 17/8/2019 de winterflowers2 5 étoiles

Thease are the best roofs in sl buy it you won't be disappointed and zimberman cares about there work professional work has gone Into this you have so much in it that its crazy ao maps rooms all of its in there I recommend this product 100% excellence quality and effort and time has gone into it to give a great product trust me loved the hole set thank you :-)

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