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********************* V2 17th May 2018 *********************

Completely rebuilt HUD

Rebuilt objects, now with 8 choices in start and finish , thicker rope, better mesh, Materials

Added new animation, can now traverse handing below the rope

Access menu, hovertext can be toggled off

If you're interested in my slide too, why not get the fat pack and save money!

********************* ********************* *********************

I'm proud to release after months of scripting a rope traverse system to add another dimension to your sim or role play environment. Perfect for crossing ravines,cliffs, rivers etc, why have a boring old bridge. It's much like the British commando style of crossing rope.

The set up HUD allows you to choose from a variety of start and end points, while the rope and ends can be textured to your taste from a choice of three presets. The land impact is low, for example a 40m crossing weighs in at 9li. The only limit the system has is it's unable to cross sim borders. The rope is drawn with a natural sag as it would be in RL, rather than it being a long flat lifeless prim. Please note this was created to bridge horizontal crossings, not go up or down steep hills.

Most importantly, please read the instructions, before IMing me.

Permissions are:

Objects - Copy/Mod/No Trans
Scripts - Copy/No Mod/No Trans

(C) Cube Republic 2014

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  • 100% Mesh
  • Custom Texture
  • Build your own rope crossings
  • great for role play

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Love it!

Publié le 13/11/2017 de TwiSteDKinKz 5 étoiles

I really do like this. I have set up numerous ropes courses around my whole sim up in the mountains, between islands with this and the zipline they are perfect. This one is better though in that transports on both ends of the rope

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Publié le 6/3/2015 de LabradorRose 5 étoiles

LOL This is the coolest rope toy ever!!!!! The quality is outstanding, so much fun. Thanks so much! :)

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