SF:: ~JJ~ Windshield Sun Screen (Geomz)

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Thank you for checking out this exciting collaborative product from Scarlet Fey and ~Jeanette's Joint~ and for your participation in what we do! I hope you find this item to be very rewarding.


What's in this kit:

SF:: ~JJ~ Windshield Sun Screen
SF:: ~JJ~ Windshield Sun Screen Theme Applier HUD (Theme)

The windshield sun screen has features! Not only does it block the sun's rays from turning your cabin into a scorching inferno you can do a few things with it. First, you can set the settings that tell it how to work. When you rez the screen in-world you can open it up in Edit mode and click into the object's Description field to change the settings. There are four numbers separated by commas. The default is:


The first number is whether the screen will go visible or invisible automatically when you use your vehicle. If this is enabled (by making the first number 1) then the screen will take itself down (go invisible) when you turn the ignition key to start your vehicle with the GVHUD. Setting it to 0 will disable this feature.

The next three numbers are for assigning the screen to also work with any of the three GVHUD aux buttons. Change any of these to 1 to enable that aux (1, 2 or 3 respectively) to control the screen's visibility.

No matter what settings you choose you can always click the screen to make it visible or invisible.

It is a good idea to set these preferences when you rez the screen out and before you link it to the vehicle. You can always set the settings later or change them any time you like but it is more challenging to select the link to edit once it is attached. If you do, carefully go to the contents of the link (not the rest of the links in the vehicle!) and reset that script. If all else fails, just unlink it, rez a new one and follow the installation steps again with the new screen.

If you are installing this into your SZYM Paladin 7 (any model!) it's easy to apply and go. Just rez your vehicle, make sure everything is off (engine, lights, etc.) and all of the doors and other movable objects are in their resting position. Then rez the sun screen near the vehicle. You may be prompted to allow the item to link/unlink to objects. You must approve this for your item to automatically attach to your Paladin. In Edit mode, select the sun screen and shift-click the vehicle to select it too. Make sure you select the vehicle last. Once your selections are set then link them using the Link button in the editor. The sun screen will snap into place and you are good to go!

If you are not linking this to a Paladin you can still make it work! Follow the same steps as above but when prompted for automatic linking just approve it and move on. Move the item in place using Edit mode in your viewer and adjust the size to fit your windshield as needed. Once it is in place then you can link it to your vehicle (select the vehicle last). This will work on any vehicle that allows linking items to it. Some do not. It is best to check your vehicle's instructions to be sure before you try linking things to it. For expert tinkerers you may be able to use a re-linking script (search the Marketplace) to link it to fussier vehicles.

If you don't want to link it to a vehicle at all, that's okay! It will still work. Just decline the offer to link to things when prompted and move it to wherever you want to show off your cool sun screen.

If you have a SF:: ~JJ~ sun screen installed and get one of the alternate themed packs afterward you don't have to install a new screen! You can simply Attach/Wear the HUD that the theme packs comes with and use it to apply your theme to the screen you already have. Change up your theme as often as you like!

The item is copy-mod so always make a copy of it before you try linking things. The same applies to your vehicle. Make a copy beforehand so if something goes wrong you haven't made any mistakes that will ruin your day. You can resize the object in Edit mode too but it starts off as small as it gets so you will be able to make it bigger if you need to.


Thank you again for your interest in this SF:: ~JJ~ product. Come by Scarlet Fey and ~Jeanette's Joint~ for more excellent SL creations!

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I hope you love this product as much as we loved creating it!

All the best,

Scarlet and Jeanette

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  • Easy install for SZYMPaladin 7 with GMLS linking
  • Can be used with other vehicles! (Must be linkable)
  • Options: auto on/off, aux button assignment
  • Click to show or hide always available
  • Alternate themes compatible with the same screen!

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