[SINSE] Female Lite AO Motion Capture Optical Series Version v.Lite (3.2)

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[SINSE] Female Lite AO Motion Capture

We designed this AO for start in Second Life or just try the products sinse Motion capture with quality animations and 100% MOCAP.
All animations were made in a professional studio.
Includes in [SINSE] HUD Animation Overrider v.Lite (v3.2). All the basic function of the HUD v.pro are available. You can easily add other animations buy in world.
The stand takes 30 seconds.
5 Animations.
3 Stands Mocap.
The [SINSE] HUD Animation Overrider and animations are all Copy / Modif / No Transfer.

Details animations

5 animations:

3 Standing
1 Walking
1 Sitting

[SINSE] HUD Animation Overrider v.Lite (v3.2)

Of numerous options are not available in the version v.lite, available only in v.Pro ******************************************************

The main functions:
━━ Dance and Invite to dance (only in the version of v.Pro)
Up to 11 people at the same time
━━ Multi animation
Up to 10 animations for each type (stand and dance unlimited)
━━ Arms mode (only in the version of v.Pro)
(Use arms mode to arm strength to make A Particular action while maintaining the stand enable (ex:smoke, on the phone, wearing a bag or object, the hand in pocket, arms crossed etc ...) 48 animations arms have been included in the HUD)
━━ Sit Anywhere (only in the version of v.Pro)
Use ground sit anywhere
━━ Swim mode (only in the version of v.Pro)
Swim everywhere
━━ Automatic Sequential mode
Skip to next animation automatically
━━ Typing mode
Several option to enable, disable or kill the typing
━━ Previous & Next Stand
Quick access to the next and previous stand
━━ Automatic poseball detection
When you sit in vehicles, poseballs, and so on, the sit does not engage.
━━ Full retraction of HUD
To take up less space on screen
━━ Menu or Quick Access
━━ Move HUD ease
Move your HUD with a single click
━━ Size mode
Change the size of HUD quickly
━━ Color system
Change the color and texture of your HUD
━━ Flight boost mode (only in the version of v.Pro)
Choose the speed of flight
━━ Jump High mode (only in the version of v.Pro)
Choose the height of the jump
━━ Smile mode (only in the version of v.Pro)
Choose your animated face

User manual included

Auto Update

A system update has been integrated into the [SINSE] HUD Animation Overrider.
You will receive the new HUD or animations to make them ever more efficient.

Find us

Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/sinse/127/84/27
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SinseMotionCapture
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SinseMotionCapture

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  • 5 Animations
  • 100% Mocap
  • HUD Animation Overrider v.Lite (3.2)
  • 3 Stand
  • 1 Walk 1 Sit

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don't buy shows shit script error

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Weird poses

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Very weird

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