[SINSE] Weslie Dance BENTO - Club Dance Unisex - Motion Capture Optical Series v2 Version v.Pro (3.2)

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All animations were made in a professional studio.
Includes in [SINSE] HUD Animation Overrider v.Pro (v3.2). Can be used separately or in another system.
The dance takes 60 seconds.
21 Dance Animations BENTO. + 48 animations arms = TOTAL 69 animations.
Total time dances = 21 minutes. You will not see the same dance before 21 minutes.
The [SINSE] HUD Animation Overrider and animations are all Copy / Modif / No Transfer.

Details animations

69 animations:

21 Dance (60 seconds*) BENTO
48 Arms

*an update of the viewer required.

[SINSE] HUD Animation Overrider v.Pro (v3.2)

The main functions:
━━ Dance and Invite to dance
Up to 11 people at the same time
━━ Multi animation
Up to 10 animations for each type (stand and dance unlimited)
━━ Arms mode (Use arms mode to arm strength to make A Particular action while maintaining the stand enable (ex:Smoke, Breathing, Hand in pocket, Arms crossed, Called, Holding a bag, Eat, Drink, Hand in Hair, Wear object...) 48 animations arms have been included in the HUD)
━━ Sit Anywhere
Use ground sit anywhere
━━ Swim mode
Swim everywhere
━━ Automatic Sequential mode
Skip to next animation automatically
━━ Typing mode
Several option to enable, disable or kill the typing
━━ Previous & Next Stand
Quick access to the next and previous stand
━━ Automatic poseball detection
When you sit in vehicles, poseballs, and so on, the sit does not engage.
━━ Full retraction of HUD
To take up less space on screen
━━ Menu or Quick Access
━━ Move HUD ease
Move your HUD with a single click
━━ Size mode
Change the size of HUD quickly
━━ Color system
Change the color and texture of your HUD
━━ Flight boost mode
Choose the speed of flight
━━ Jump High mode
Choose the height of the jump
━━ Smile mode
Choose your animated face

Auto Update

A system update has been integrated into the [SINSE] HUD Animation Overrider.
You will receive the new HUD or animations to make them ever more efficient.

Animations United

All animations can be purchased separately at the main store. for 300L$.

Find us

Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/sinse/127/84/27
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SinseMotionCapture
YouTube: https://youtu.be/1ACARAbelpY

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  • 21 dances 60 seconds BENTO
  • 100% Mocap
  • Total time dances = 21 minutes
  • HUD Animation Overrider v.Pro (3.2)
  • 48 Arms animation MOCAP

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Waste of good Linden

Publié le 23/8/2019 de Weetcher 1 étoile

the dances are so bad that when you wear a necklace will go all over the place and the neck is going totally out of the body

Inworld notecards not responded they just ignores you.

I have deleted them . thanks Refund ! I like better noobs dances than this !

Weetcher Resident

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Love it!

Publié le 6/11/2018 de Yoda501 5 étoiles

My favorite dance !

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