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☠ [ Spider Productions] ☠
Proudly Presents

After Over 1 Year In The Making

The Dragon Guardian MESH Avatar

Copyright©2013 Spider Productions. All rights reserved.
“Original Designed & Developed by Spider Carnot, creator of the “The Dragon Lord "
Owner/Creator of Spider Productions

Striving for excellence to create the highest Ql items in Second Life since 2005

Any attempt to copy this work without a full written authorization from the author of this work
will be prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law. (copyright.gov)

Thank you for supporting Spider Productions and your Interest in this unique Dragon Avatar line.
Over 1 & 1/2 years of blood, sweat, patience, experimentation, and determination, during this development
This High Quality Mesh Avatar is created with the highest attention to details, realistic design, advanced modeling
rock solid scripting, creative animations and tons of features that i personally always wanted available in a dragon

All objects are COPY/MOD all scripts are COPY/NO-MOD/NO TRANS

>> LORE <<

In a world where forces collide in a struggle to survive, the battle of good against evil rages on Countless lives are
lost in this seemingly never-ending war. Desperate for a stronger force to align with Man turned to the powerful and
revered beasts they once feared. Many traveled seeking help but -only- those strong and pure enough of heart were
deemed as worthy warriors and were chosen individually, and guarded from that day forward by the beasts known as
the Dragon Guardians.

"Even when all is lost, the dragons and our bond with them, have been a beacon of hope to all that is good."

Words spoken long ago by a wise man.

And now it is up to you, to join us.In an epic Quest where forces collide, man & beast fight side by side and nothing is
truly as black and white as it seems. In a battle to save an ancient world, Man and Beast must become one to survive.
Are you strong enough to embrace the power of the beast?
Embrace your destiny and become a Dragon Guardian.

>> Detailed Mesh Wings (brand new technology) incredibly fluid & fully articulated independent movement <<

>> Create Your Own Custom Unique Dragon Style 6 Main Horns, 4 Eye Horns, 3 Jaw Horns, 3 Exp Horns, and 1 Snout Horn! <<
>> Providing over 9000 Customizable options! and thats before all else included (color/ texture ect.) <<


* Detailed realistic design, size, rigged body, low script/render count
* Detailed HUD with 3 Pages of Features/Effects/Color options & just 1 script!
* Custom AO Biped + Quaped including 19 unique custom animations
* Wings with Independent movement, sheild, open/close, and glide
* Mount, Hover Carry, Flight modes for 1 or multiple passengers
* 6 Main, 4 Eye, 3 Jaw, and 3 Exp Horns & 1 Snout Horn
* 7 different pupil options including blind + evil eye mode
* Eyes 2 tone color change with over 16 million color options
* Full-body gray-scale tint-able head to toe
* Texture change Horns, Claws, and Wing Membranes
* Color change/Glow Slider for chest, back, and wing membranes
* 18 Various actions plus Independant head movement
* 12 different high ql sound effects plus stomp and wing flap
* Realistic speaking jaw movement and articulating tongue moment
* Fire breath effects with realistic lighting custom sound effects
* Smoke breath particle effects
* Tail swaying movement + 5 different speeds of agression
* Moving hand claw action with 6 hand states
* Modifiable Mesh body shape using SL shape editor
* 4 included modifiable gestures for fast easy use
* Colectible Dragon Sigil and Gold Hoard
* FREE automatic Updates & Much More!

Much more extras/updates soon to come

On facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spider-Productions/182219825279395

Spider Productions In-World at "Arachnid Island" in Second Life

"The Dragon Lair" group to stay up to date with all developments

"Spider Productions" group to stay up to date on all things SP

>> All customers who purchase on the Marketplace and leave constructive comments will receive <<
>> a special LIMITED edition GIFT as appreciation for your support upon review of the comments<<

*** All Votes and Reviews are greatly appreciated and encouraged Thank You ***

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Its nice.

Publié le 16/12/2016 de Kaibalt 5 étoiles

I love everything about this dragon. The texture, detail, and the animations!
Was there suppose to be another update? I own 1.2.

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I love it!

Publié le 17/9/2015 de Acrista 5 étoiles

I have been searching for a new Dragon Avie and came across the Dragon Guardian after a friend told me about it!

I absolutely love it! I made it much smaller as I'm a small character and it just looks amazing!! I would recommend this Dragon to ANYONE looking for a new dragon avie!

Thanks Spider for such an awesome product! <3

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