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This system is everything you need to create a distributable tour HUD to allow visitors to take self-guided OR guided tours around your locations anywhere in SL. Creating a tour is easy, just add SLURLs to a notecard inside the HUD, set a few customization options, and it's ready to go. Optionally you can specify specific textures to show on the HUD for each location so they can easily tell where they are by looking at the HUD. Navigation to locations is simple, with left and right arrows.

If a location on your tour changes, and you need to update your HUD, no problem. A special update server is included so if someone wears an old out-of-date HUD from their inventory, it will automatically get your latest HUD from your update server! So they will always be up to date and never frustrated by winding up at an invalid location.

The BEST part about this HUD is GUIDED TOURS! With one simple command you can cause all of the tour HUDs in the sim to be automatically synchronized to your HUD. In this mode, when you select the next location on the tour, everyone wearing the tour HUD will see the same location pop up. All they do is click the Teleport button and everyone goes to the next location. It's easy and automatic. There is no better way to run a group tour and keep them all going to the same location! If you've ever run a group tour manually, you know how crazy it is getting everyone to GO at the right time and wind up at the same place! This HUD takes all the pain and distraction away so you can focus on being the best tour guide possible, not a cat herder.

Also included is a simple HUD dispenser so you can easily give out HUDs to people attending your guided tour. Just click on the dispenser and they've got a HUD ready to wear.

The HUD is supplied FULL MOD so you can edit it, copy it, and give out as many copies as you want! You can create as many tours as you want!

The tour HUD has a lot of useful features. If a user clicks the HUD, you get a menu with the following options:

* Website: takes them to a website of your choice.
* Homebase: takes them back to where they started from.
* Random: shows tour locations in random order.
* Sort: sorts the locations back in the original order.
* Search: allows users to search your tour locations by name or sim.
* Map Off: turns the automatic pop-up map off (use the spoken link to instantly teleport when the map is off).
* Map On: turns the map back on.
* Help: gives users a notecard explaining the HUD functions.
You can store approximately 300 locations in this HUD, so you've got plenty of room to grow your tours!

Note on permissions - the HUD object is full perm, and the scripts inside are no-mod + Transfer OK + Copy OK. The HUD object must be distributed from you as next-owner no-mod, however, but copy + transfer is fully allowed for ease of distribution.

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This hud is fantastic for full sims a lot to see and show... So much better than old fashioned notecards with land marks!
Sas herself is the most amazingly helpful person

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