Simple Online Indicator With Profile Picture Version 1.0

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The Online Indicator Prim have it's FULL PERMS. This means you can do whatever you want with it (and it's contents).

This product contains a NO MODIFY script inside. It's the only thing you can't change. However, nothing in the script needs to be changed to make this product work. It will do it's job automatically. If you want a custom version please contact me @ Tiaeld Tolsen.

Thanks for leaving your reviews properly based in what the product actually does. For another things you want to know I'll gladly attend them via IM.


Thanks for choosing a TT Industries Product!

This is a simple but practical (and fancy) online presence indicator! Just rez it and you're done! The prim itself will take your current profile picture to show and will constantly track your status.

Users can drop notecards and click the indicator to send you their location (via IM with the SLURL), you'll also receive an IM when a notecard is dropped and get all of them when you click the board. it's totally useful and requires no setup or aditional prims.

Also it's modifiable and transferable! you can pass it to your friends. (But I recommend you to give them this link :P)



  • One prim and one script only
  • Takes your current profile picture
  • Users can drop notecards
  • Users can request your presence clicking the sign
  • Elegant design

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Floating text smack dab in the middle

Publié le 23/1/2018 de Jaffee Gaffer 1 étoile

The price is a value and it looks good, EXCEPT for the three-line floating text right in the middle of the image and you CANNOT remove it. The script is NO MOD so this item is NOT full perm. I tried putting a floating text cleaner script in the prim, which worked for a few seconds and then the floating text came back. Can't fix it. Can't use it. Don't buy it.

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Publié le 30/4/2017 de Sylvia Tamalyn 3 étoiles

Aside from the questionable practice of stating that a product is full perm, then admitting in the description that it is not, I would have like to have known that this object has hover text (which, since the script is indeed no mod, can NOT be removed). Waste of money for me, but I found what I wanted elsewhere for free.

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  • 2.88 étoiles Avis (8)

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