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This Magical Rod of Walls...
The Rod of Walls is a great tool that makes short tasks building walls, paths, rope, floors, fences, boxes, platforms, art, ramps, roads, airstrips, towers, and on and on. Every move you make with the Rod when active, it will make a line of prims, stretching the distance moved, at any rotation. It also automatically snaps to a one-meter grid to make it easy to align everything up.
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You've never put up these four walls so fast!

Features* Create long complex walls at any rotation
* Auto snap grid so everything lines up easily
* Create four-wall boxes
* Adjust the height and thickness of your walls
* No scripts in the prims rezzed
* A grid you can touch instead of moving the Rod manually
* Grid positions are always the same at any given rotation
* Quick undo for when you make a mistake
* Integrates with the TNT Primz & Skidz Primz (you can add one into the tool)
* Easy to make yourself the creator
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For technical support, contact skidz Tweak or Alayna Hutson

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  • Works a lot like "The Sims" wall tool
  • Great for layout a house or a maze
  • works at any rotation so you can use it to make paths too
  • Super easy to use hud
  • lots more

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I could kiss you. A++

Publié le 26/12/2012 de dealakavl 5 étoiles

Been struggling with structure building for a long time. Not only did this make my life much much easier, but building is fun now. Only issue I've had is sometimes when trying to do long walls it makes multiples of the objects. Not too big of a deal cause you can just delete them and try a small section. 2 Requests though; 1. Something similiar for floors 2. Customized template for the kind of walls you want. I can live without both. A++

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It's like building in The Sims!

Publié le 17/11/2010 de Sylvia Olivier 5 étoiles

It's pretty neat!

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