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Skidz Dozer 2.0 by Skidz Partz

Land Sculpting Tool

* New Tools move in direction pointed and raises land to its level as it moves
* level your land by simply moving an object
* can actually sculpt your land
* super easy, more accurate, much quicker, and more powerful than the common method for editing land
* somes in 2x2, 4x4, and 8x8 Sizes.
* usable on group-owned land as long as you can edit the terrain!
Easy Sculpting Tip
Lay out numerous Dozers in the shape you would like all over your property and leave them there, spacing them out somewhat.Go over the land with your smooth brush. Delete all the Skidz Dozers. You will be left with a beautiful shape the way you wanted.

Be sure to check out the Robotic Land Lazer 2.1 - Quickly (super fast-like) mark off the edges of your land! 100% automatic and 100% accurate!



  • Makes it simple to edit land
  • Give you more control
  • 2 Different types of dozers, moving and sitting still
  • multiple sizes to get the detail you need
  • can't really do your land right without it

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Very useful

Publié le 19/3/2020 de friscolives 5 étoiles

Does a great job leveling my land, much better than the SL tools. Easy to use! Absolutely love
it. The price is a huge bargain!

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Very Useful

Publié le 30/9/2014 de anti Wirefly 5 étoiles

The on/off switch alone is worth the purchase price.

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