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hey! it's shark fins for your snake shark! SHARKSNAKE!

it's rigged, meaning it wont work on any other avatars other than the snokra snake! SORRY!

works with the ZAD thick tail

you need to hide your tailtip on the alpha hud for it to work!!

includes textures and uv map!



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A bit disappointed...

Publié le 6/3/2018 de xShadowmoorex 3 étoiles

Honestly, I don't really have anyone to blame but myself in regards to this, but the fins - while having a shape - don't have a 'texture,' really. You can even see it in the picture, as there are no scales present in the pre-made textures. That being said, the actual shape of it is fine, and the description definitely carries through in its promise in that you will have fins. I just wish that the fins that had a similar enough texture to the tail itself!
I do understand the limitations, as it would hardly go properly with my Snokra Frog skin, but even then, making the fins a scaled black would go a long ways towards it looking 'professional,' in my opinion.
Alternatively, having perhaps two sectors for each fin - an outer layer that's more towards the part that connects to the tail, and an inner layer that would allow you to color the 'inner' section of the tail that's towards the tips - would go a long way towards making it accessible as well for a wider variety of Snokra skins.

Still, thank you for your work.

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