Snow Flake TIpjar Version 1.5

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This spinning snowflake tip,jar is made of a semi-transparent heart, has animated sparkles on it and a glowing white border. You can change the half-transparent part color via the dialog, as well as the sparking effects and color. The glow strength is also modifiable to adapt to your viewer graphical settings. The snow flake is spreading snow particles around it.


The tipjar included in the package is powered by milo's tip PERSONAL EDITION V5:

+ The personal edition is meant to be used by its owner only, and not to be logged in by other users such as dancers in a club for instance.

+ I developed a complete fast setup and easy to use solution for club owners which is available on request only for now and sold separately.

+ This item is also available as a prop only item for decoration purpose, photo or extended script capabilities. See related products!


+ Fast, complete and easy configuration via the on touch dialog
+ Customisable hover texts and local message ("say" or "shout" range)
+ Modifiable default amounts
+ Optional split feature to share part of the tips with a specified agent
+ Goal: Let's you state a tips goal to achieve (displayed as stars)
+ Synchronised settings and total display along several tipjars (using the included server Personal Edition)

+ Simple pose system for rp

+ Variable speed spinning
+ Particles: Snow flakes, stars, hearts, coins and bills particles
+ Directional particles can fly toward the tipper
+ Sound: a sound can be played when tipped (customizable)
+ Material: Glossiness strength (normal and advanced lighting model settings) and specular color and strength (needs advanced lighting model)
+ The tipjar can also position itself above your head and follow you (You need to rezz the tipjar first)

+ Colorable
+ Animated Lighting effects including colorable
+ Adjustable Glowing strength


The illustration pictures are taken directly inworld and haven't been enhanced in any way.

The object is copy/mod, the script isn't modifiable.

You can use some external / additional tipjar scripts along the included script under certain conditions, or delete and replace the existing script to use the mesh for any other purpose you wish for it.



  • Evolved donation script by milo
  • Quick and easy configuration via the ontouch dialog
  • Spinning, particles, animated light effects
  • Tintable via the dialog (also the animated light effect)


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