Spot On Backdrop - Curved Mesh - 4 pack (full perm)

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The package contains 4 backdrops in varying heights and their corresponding shade maps. All backdrops are 100% original mesh and can be resized. All 4 backdrops are one-sided and appear transparent on the back side.


1 - Full Size - the largest for full stage height and width
2 - 3/4 Size - same width but 3/4 the height
3 - 1/2 Size - same width but 1/2 the height
4 - 1/4 Size - same width but 1/4 the height

There are also three examples included in the package so you can see how to apply the texture.

All of the backdrops are the same width, the sizes vary only in height. When resizing, be sure to have "stretch textures" checked in your build tools. The shorter sizes are useful for layering of animated textures over the full backdrop.


1 PE each without physics turned on (phantom required)
3 PE each with physics turned on

Physics means the mesh will be solid and avatars cannot walk or fly through it. You can turn this on by editing the mesh, and in the "Features" tab, choose "Prim" as the Physics Shape Type. You can then be able to walk right up into the curve. (3 PE)

If the Physics Shape Type is left at Convex Hull, you cannot walk up into the curve so you must make the mesh Phantom.

If you link the mesh to another mesh with physics applied (Prim chosen in the drop-down), you can then make it "none."

IMPORTANT: Linking mesh items with regular prims may result in a drastic increase of prim equivalent (PE).


You cannot apply texture to a mesh item the same way as a prim. You will need to download the shade maps so that you can see exactly where on the square (1024x1024 or 512x512) to place your texture so that it appears properly on the front of the backdrop.

Using your graphics editing program, apply the texture over the area, save and upload it. Apply it to the face of the mesh.

Texture scripts may change how the texture appears but you can play with the horizontal and vertical scales usually to get a nice look.

You can even do MATERIALS layers on these backdrops if you have the tools to make those.


For more information about this and other products from Spot On Choreography Tools, please visit the SL store, the website or contact Galilla Sinatra or Rug Halberd.

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  • 100% Original Mesh
  • Low PE 1-3
  • Full perm

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Publié le 27/2/2016 de KinkyPixie Cheri 5 étoiles

highly recommended
thank you Galilla for a great mesh back ground with so many options :)

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