Staff Panel Holographic - Server Based Version 1

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== Staff Panel Holographic - Standalone ==

by The Elven Starship

The Staff Panels allows you to show to your visitors or customers which one of your staff is online.

Need the same staff in panels around your sim? This product is for you. Don't need to update every panel when your staff team changes, just a change in the server.

You can choose between various models. All of them has space to show the staff picture, online status, one line for name, plus 2 lines for additional data (8 characters each).

- Staff Panel A: wide, one face, for 4 staff (LI 9)
- Staff Panel B: normal size, one face, for 4 staff (LI 9)
- Staff Panel C: square, 4 faces, for 8 staff (LI 17)
- Staff Panel D: wide, one face, for 8 staff (only one line of additional information) (LI 14)
- Staff Panel E: normal size, one face, for 2 staff (LI 6)
- Staff Panel F: normal size, one face, for one staff (LI 3)

** Centralized configuration

In this server based version, the configuration is made in a notecard inside the server inventory (Staff Panel Server). The the information is sent to all panels configured to used the same channel in the same region. This way you can have how many staff panels you need around your sim. Need to change a staff? Just edit the notecard in server and all panels will be updated automatically.

** Basic functionality

When a person touches a staff picture, it will show a link to send IMs to the staff in the chat.

If a staff touch it and the server is configured to manual (see Server Configuration below), its status will be switched.

** Note

- This is not a web-based product, the server is an in-world object that need to stay rezed in the sim.

=== The Elven Starship - high quality mesh ===

The products of .-TES-. are made by professionals in game development, resulting in high quality models and light scripts..

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  • Futuristic look
  • Low lag
  • Highly customizable


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