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Delacruz Technologies presents the real Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a 100% mesh structure and takes a surface of 64x64 meters(You can resize it and make it smaller).
It comes in two versions: normal (42 LI), and physic (83),both walkable.

***How it works***
Simply rez it, place and rotate it as you need.
Activate main menu clicking on the ground or rocks.

You can control:
-Ground texture
-Grass on/off
-Birds and ambience sound
-Particles effect: rain, snow, mist
-Fire torches (1 prim each)

Grass, rain, mist and snow modules, are temporary, so you will get a great and permanent effect without extra prim count. Totally low lag.

***See it inworld***
Come and see it at my sim here:

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for info/support contact me via notecard.
Have fun
Sergio Delacruz

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  • Menu driven for effects, sounds and particles
  • Different ground textures
  • Walkable
  • 100% mesh and great details

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A Mesh Stonehenge

Publié le 29/4/2018 de Thorgard Matterhorn 5 étoiles

Easy to rez and a decent amount of options with the Menu. If you are looking for a reproduction of how Stonehenge looks today then I do not think this would disappoint you.

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